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This section of our website houses informational articles relevant to the United States online gambling market as well as domestic land-based gambling markets.  Here you will find supplemental information to support the efforts of US gamblers to remain informed regarding the legalities, nuances, and opportunities available to enjoy legitimate, secure and high-quality gambling entertainment that is in compliance with state and federal gambling laws. 

Latest Articles:

Gambling Addiction Explained

With most things in life, the key to success and enjoyment is moderation. Individuals with addiction problems or addiction prone personalities do not tend to operate in moderation in some aspect of their lives… Read More

UIGEA Law – How It Affects US Players

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) became law in 2006. The law does not prohibit or criminalize online gambling participation. The primary objective of this legislation was to place stringent regulation on how online gambling transactions are processed…Read More

The New Wire Act Opinion: Reversed, and To Be Reversed Again?

In late 2018 the DOJ released another opinion on the Federal Wire Act. This opinion is surrounded by controversy and met with legal action from the opposition. So far the 2018 DOJ opinion has…Read More