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US Bettor Cashes $100 Online Football Bet for $25,772 – And How You Can Too

With football season just around the corner, we were searching for a news article that would aid you in your online gambling efforts. In doing some quick research, we found proof of something we already knew. When it comes to US sports betting online, football is King. The Nevada Gaming Commission, the regulatory body which handles legal gambling in that state, says that $3.2 billion was placed in sports bets in the state’s casinos in 2011. How much of that was football action? 41%, or $1.34 billion, was wagered on football alone. And that is just one state. Multiply that by 50 and you see the impact the exciting and popular NFL and NCAA football leagues have on the US online gambling industry.

Need more proof that football is the sports betting king in America? It is estimated that in anywhere from $8-$12 billion is wagered on the Super Bowl alone, both legally and illegally in the United States. A recent poll showed that at least 200 million people bet own the Super Bowl worldwide, 33 million Americans participate in fantasy football, and more than $1.18 billion in the USA is paid out through sports bar and office football pools each year. So, there is no doubt that football is generating some real revenue in gambling circles. How do you grab your own piece of this rich pie while minimizing your risk? We recommend you use a powerful but underutilized bet that is often overlooked.

Leverage Your Money With Football Parlay Bets

A parlay is a single wager that is dependent upon 2 or more individual bets, therefore giving a higher payout. A two team parlay could pay 12/5, you may get a 6/1 payout on a 3 team parlay, and usually a 10/1 4 team parlay payday. Obviously, all of those bets have to win for you to cash, so it is tougher to hit. How powerful can parlay betting be? A gentleman who chose to stay anonymous powered up his PC and logged into his US-friendly online gambling account at SportsBetting.ag in 2012. (That company can legally provide US players with online betting options since it is recognized by a reputable online gambling license provider located in Panama City, Panama.)

23 Team $100 Parlay Bet Hits – Delivers $25,772 in Winnings

The sports better is a regular at that site, and decided to maximize his potential profit by placing a relatively average sized wager, $100, on a 23 team football parlay. Parlay betting is difficult, because as mentioned above, you must hit every one of your parlay “legs” to win. But as the SportsBetting.ag parlay bettor in this case could tell you, the downside is limited to the amount of money you bet. You can simply place a $10, $20 or $50 bet. This gentleman felt comfortable with his research and the fact that he was only risking $100, and the football gods smiled on him that day. His return after all 23 pieces of his bet were victorious? A cool $25,772. The gentleman played 21 college football favorites, 1 NFL favorite and 1 college football underdog in his 23 team parlay bet. His Ohio State bet went into overtime, and heavily favored Michigan State had to kick a winning field goal with 5 seconds left to beat Michigan to cause some more sweating, but when the dust settled, this parlay bettor saw a 25,700% return on his investment.

How can you use this information to your advantage? Several times throughout the regular season, in both the NCAA and NFL, there will be a run of several games which all provide the same type of outcome. In the NFL, since there are no more than 16 games per week, there are several times each season where every game goes over the total, under the total, all the favorites win, or all the underdogs win. And in the NCAA, with so many more teams playing, this usually doesn’t happen to every team, but it does happen to a majority of teams each week. By watching the first few games of a football weekend to see if a trend is in effect, and then placing a small multi-team parlay bet, you could see hundreds or even thousands of dollars headed your way when you harness the power of this simple football wager.   Below is a shot of his winning parlay ticket.