Cardrooms Try To Stop California Online Gambling Expansion

California card rooms

In November, voters will decide on whether to welcome California online gambling. With up to four different measures to choose from, the state’s options will be plenty. But California’s pari-mutuel gambling rooms don’t want to see this kind of expansion, especially if they don’t get a cut of the profits. The Tribes’ Initiative So far, …

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New Casinos In Puerto Rico To Attract Tourism From USA Online Gamblers

Puerto Rico Casinos online

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is ready to welcome its next round of retail casino operators. On Wednesday, the Puerto Rico Gaming Commission (PRGC) gave its authorization for the debut of three new resort-based casinos on the island. It’s the perfect climate for such a gaming expansion as tourism and gambling revenues return to pre-COVID …

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China’s Online Gambling Giants Feel The Heat of Government Crackdown; 11 People Arrested In Casino Scandal

China Casino Arrests 2021

In recent months, Chinese officials have rolled out a series of new laws and restrictions to limit gambling in the administrative region of Macau. Once revered as the gambling epicenter of the world, Macau’s reputation seemed untouchable. High-Profile Arrests However, Sunday brought the arrest of 11 individuals allegedly involved in cross-border gambling and money laundering. …

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China Gambles on New Casino Legislation, Stocks in Macau Casinos Drop Tremendously

Macau Casinos

Gambling laws in the U.S. are incredibly complex, those abroad have even more twists and loops. China, a country with strong anti-gambling sentiments, is beginning to crack down on many of its businesses. Namely, casinos. China Plans On Casino Restrictions Macau officials have recently announced plans to make legislative changes regarding gambling, including measures that …

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Massive Land Acquisition by Caesar’s Entertainment Still a Gamble

Vegas Casinos

Vici Properties, a spinoff of Caesar’s Entertainment purchased 15 MGM Resort properties in Las Vegas. Caesar’s Entertainment expected to become the largest hotel owner in the U.S. MGM Resorts looking towards global expansion. MGM Resorts is moving money around like it’s nobody’s business, but it’s a sign of the times in the wake of a …

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Betting Bots: The Problem With Gambling Channels on Twitch

Twitch gambling

Online casinos have been known to use unique and creative advertising campaigns over the years. However, the rise of game streaming on platforms like Twitch has created a new market for online casinos to consider. Why Market on Twitch? The way it works is as follows: online gambling sites contact various popular Twitch streamers and …

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