Maryland Considers Legalization Of Online Casinos

a MD state flag

The state of Maryland has adopted many forms of legal domestic gambling in recent years. From online, mobile, and in-person sports betting to casinos with table games, slots, and other popular favorites, MD offers a virtual plethora of gambling options to residents and visitors who are 21 and older. Some MD lawmakers are already considering …

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U.S. Casinos Top $60 Billion In Revenue For 2022

USA gambling revenue 2022

The American Gaming Association is reporting that the United States has earned more than $60 billion in gambling revenue for 2022. This estimate excludes tribal casinos as they report their revenue separately.  In general, Americans often use domestic and online casinos, and the industry is still growing. Reports indicate that in-person gambling (casinos, sportsbooks, poker) are still the …

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US Online & Retail Gambling Measures Get Pushback From CA Officials 

CA US Gambling Measures

The race to control California online gambling is intensifying by the day. When the Midterm Election season first kicked off, locals were looking at four different online and retail sports betting proposals.  Sportsbook Proposals In CA Now, just four months out from the voting day, the options have dwindled to two measures. The first of …

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Nicki Minaj Plays The Odds With New US Online Gambling Partnership

Nicki Manaj Maxim

USA online casino gaming has grown exponentially over the past few years. As the practice transitions out of being a shameful taboo and towards a place of normalcy, corporate strategists are looking for new ways of integrating legal gambling with other hobbies and interests. Shoveling Out Of The Shame It has been a lengthy rebranding …

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USA Online Gambling Sites Debut TV Reunion Odds

Television betting odds

Most of us remember the age that came before the empire of digital streaming. You know, when viewers had to wait a week between new episodes of a show or rely on mail-in TV guides to catch one’s favorite films. How Streaming Changed The Industry However, a culture of “binge-watching” has enabled entertainment giants to …

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China’s Online Gambling Giants Feel The Heat of Government Crackdown; 11 People Arrested In Casino Scandal

China Casino Arrests 2021

In recent months, Chinese officials have rolled out a series of new laws and restrictions to limit gambling in the administrative region of Macau. Once revered as the gambling epicenter of the world, Macau’s reputation seemed untouchable. High-Profile Arrests However, Sunday brought the arrest of 11 individuals allegedly involved in cross-border gambling and money laundering. …

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California Tribes Meet Requirement To Get Sports Betting On 2022 Ballot

california casino staff

A coalition of CA Indian tribes has gathered enough signatures to put expanded gambling on the 2022 ballot Retail sports betting, craps, and roulette are part of the initiative If approved by voters, domestic online sports betting will not be available in CA After Florida recently legalized online sports betting through an updated Seminole gambling …

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MI Online Gambling Exceeds Expectations, Enrages Anti-Gambling Lobby

michigan crowd cheering

Michigan online gambling exceeding expectations since January launch April iGaming and sports betting revenues hint at big things to come Anti-gambling activists cry foul because of course they do Michigan’s gambling expansion – one of the most robust measures in the country – is generating some comically conflicting headlines. From ABC: “Four months into online …

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Online Betting Scrapped As FL Gambling Expansion Nears Ratification

florida state flag with blue sky

Updated 2021 Florida-Seminole gambling compact clears major congressional hurdle Roulette, craps, and sports betting could be legalized Wednesday FL online sports betting is officially off the table Three weeks ago, Florida governor Ron DeSantis finally signed a new Class III gambling agreement with the Seminole Tribe. The 2021 compact – replacing the 2010 iteration that …

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