US Federal Justice Department Flips Stance On Domestic Gambling

US Department Of Justice Building

The DOJ flip-flops on domestic gambling stance which has major implications across the nation. An Opinion given by the Department of Justice (DOJ) in 2011 concerning the limitations of the Federal Wire Act has recently been reversed, or reconsidered, by a Memo released by the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC), a division of the DOJ, …

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How Networks and Chris Moneymaker Relate to the Historical Delaware – Nevada Online Poker Pact

Chris Moneymaker Poker Image

What do the power of networking, telephones and fax machines have to do with the United States online gambling industry? Only everything. And where does Chris Moneymaker fit into the recent Delaware – Nevada online gambling partnership? Hopefully as a predictor of future growth. The economic concept of a network effect basically shows that products …

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Delaware Makes History As First State to Deliver a Full Suite of Internet Gambling

Delaware Casino Park Screenshot

Delaware chose Halloween night to deliver some frightfully good news to its state’s residents and visitors. The First State made history as the first state to deliver what Delaware legislators are calling a “full suite” of Internet gambling options for real money. After the United States Department of Justice gave each individual state the go-ahead …

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888-Scientific Gaming Named Delaware Online Gambling Provider

888 Scientific Gaming Casino Software

Delaware is currently one of only three states in the US to legalize online gambling within its state boundaries. Just this week, state officials with the Delaware Lottery named a vendor that would be handling their online gambling. Scientific Games International and UK online gambling giant 888 Holdings joined in a limited venture and bid …

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