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Delaware Pushing to Offer Online US Gambling First, Ahead of Nevada

You probably know many of the details. Concerning online gambling in the United States, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) has always said that is a big no-no. But in the final days of 2012, they sort of changed their opinion. They stated that activities like online lottery sales, online poker and other forms of online gambling not including sports betting probably are not that bad at all, and decided to allow each individual state in the US to decide their online gambling destiny.

Almost immediately, the physical gambling mecca of the United States, Nevada, made online poker legal. Not long after that, Delaware legalized poker and a full cadre of casino gambling online. Neither state has actually delivered the first virtual hand of poker or casino table game, and infrastructures had to be built, regulations had to be put in place, and websites constructed and tested. But we have now reached the point where both Delaware and Nevada are nosing toward the finish line in a race to become the first state to deliver legalized gambling in some form online since the DOJ reversal.

The initial stages of legislation and creation of the correct infrastructure saw Nevada smoothly and efficiently take an early lead in the race among the states to actually offer virtual gambling online, in the form of poker. With a well-documented history of brick-and-mortar casino management, it appeared that experience would allow them to reach the virtual felt ahead of Delaware or any other state. However, Delaware has come on like gangbusters through the final turn, recently requiring that any vendor with a desire to offer online gambling in the state of Delaware be up and running and approved by September 30 this year.

While that may seem a long way off, that is the dropdead date, and many companies will rush to deliver an online gambling presence well in advance of that moratorium. And with states like Hawaii, Iowa, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California and Ohio moving closer and closer to offer some type of online gambling in the US, Delaware is wise to attempt to position itself as a nationwide leader in this new online gambling industry.

And since Delaware has passed a full-fledged online gambling piece of legislation, rather than simply allowing online poker like Nevada, they would be very attractive for possible interstate compacts and agreements across state lines. Nearby New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a staunch online gambling proponent, and though he has vetoed the last couple of proposals for online wagering in his state, he is working feverishly with Garden State legislators on proposed changes he wants made before he gives his okay and signature. We will be keeping our eye on the Delaware, Nevada race to first and finally offer online gambling in some form in the United States, so check back here often for updates.