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New Bill Could Allow Felons To Seek Employment At New York Casinos

New York Mayor Kathy Hochul has a bill on her desk that, if signed into law, would allow convicted felons to seek employment at domestic New York Casinos. The bill came forth from the state senate despite big bipartisan margins in June 2022. Current state laws do not allow casino operators to hire convicted felons.

Lawmakers stated that the bill was created because casino operators have complained about not being able to find new employees for their food service and cleaning positions. Assemblyman Gary Pretlow told media sources that they are trying to open employment opportunities at our New York casinos and that everyone, even convicted felons, deserves a second chance.

The employment ban on felons will still include those convicted of embezzlement, fraud, theft, or perjury. Convicted offenders will still not be able to obtain a state gaming license, and the gaming commission will still have the discretion to deny a license after reviewing an applicant’s history. 

Can Online Casinos Hire Convicted Felons?

New York does not allow convicted felons to be employed with either an online casino or a domestic casino operating from within the state borders. As for offshore casinos, most reputable gaming districts do not allow convicted felons to work with online casino brands or at integrated casino resorts. 

Can I legally Bet Online with Offshore Casinos?

United States gambling laws allow offshore casinos to operate online but advise players to only gamble with reputable sites. A few apples can ruin the whole bunch, but when you do the research, you will find that there are trusted online casinos, and US residents win real money daily.

The online casinos we review offer practice play and real money games for new and returning account holders. Practice play is generally used to get familiar with a title or game before you start wagering real money. Utilizing the practice play is a great way to find online slot games that you enjoy risk-free.

Are Online Casinos Safer Than Domestic Casinos?

Yes, online casinos are safer if you play at a trusted online casino. Let’s be clear most US domestic casinos are 100% secure, with tons of security features in place and a security team looking out for their patrons and staff. However, anytime you are in public or a prominent public place, there are always risks, including card scammers, pickpockets, and more. 

Online gambling options in the United States are also safe, but there are always risks when sharing sensitive data online. To accommodate players who wish to stay anonymous, online casinos offer cryptocurrency payment and withdrawal methods where you don’t have to provide a card or other personal banking information.