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Best Year Ever, U.S. Commercial Casino Revenue Soars In 2022

2022 was a record-breaking year for United States casinos, producing more than $60 billion in revenue, making it the best year on record. Annual revenue reports are up 14% from the previous year.    

The American Gaming Association (AGA) reported that commercial casinos make up more than 80% of the revenue earned in 2022, whereas domestic sports betting only brought in 1/5 of that revenue. Figures released by the AGA do not include tribal gaming revenue as they report to a different agency. Experts believe that Tribal casinos likely earned around $41 billion in revenue based on earlier projections and market trends. 

What Cities Earned The Most Casino Revenue For 2022?

Unsurprisingly, both Las Vegas casinos in Nevada and New Jersey’s Atlantic City were once again the top earners in 2022. Vegas is the top entertainment district in the United States for casino destinations and has been for a long time as they have the most domestic casino locations. Atlantic City rivals Vegas, but anyone ever will tell you they are small potatoes compared to Las Vegas.

Other gambling districts that did well in 2022 include Baltimore-Washington, D.C., Chicago, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Below are the top ten casino revenue producers for 2022 and how their earnings compare to 2021.

  • Las Vegas Strip ($8.2 billion, up 17%)
  • Atlantic City ($2.8 billion, up 8.5%)
  • Baltimore-Washington D.C. ($2.2 billion, up 8.7%)
  • the Chicago/Illinois and Indiana ($2.1 billion, up 6.1%)
  • Mississippi Gulf Coast ($1.6 billion, down 0.5%)
  • New York City ($1.5 billion, up 2.6%)
  • Philadelphia ($1.4 billion, down 1.8%)
  • Detroit ($1.3 billion, down 1.4%)
  • St. Louis/Missouri and Illinois ($1.1 billion, up 3.6%)
  • Boulder Strip in Nevada ($966 million)

How Much Revenue Did Online Casinos Produce In 2022?

In the United States, only a few states permit online casinos to operate from inside the state lines; therefore, most of the online casino revenue goes to offshore operations. It is estimated that all online casinos operating inside the United States produced about $5 billion in revenue for 2022. 

United States online casinos operating offshore likely made 20x the revenue produced by domestic U.S. online casinos as they offer their services worldwide to a much bigger player pool.