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Online Nevada Poker Licenses On Sale in 60 Days

With so many states looking to be the ‘first to market’ in the race to offer regulated online poker play in the United States, it appears the Silver State may have just struck gold. The first of the United States to deliver some type of regulated online poker play will almost certainly be able to add much-needed jobs to their economy, thanks to an influx of software and high-tech employees needed to deliver a viable product. That state will also be able to set licensing fees pretty much wherever they want, as they will be the only option available to prospective online poker room owners anxious to cash in on the first US-based legalized online poker play made available since April 15, 2011, darkly coined Black Friday in the online poker community.  

Just how close is Nevada to actually issuing online poker licenses in that state? Along with California and New Jersey, Nevada has been at the forefront of a crowded field of competitors pushing for regulated online US poker play, and the most recent meeting of the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee on May 14 may eventually become referred to as Marvelous Monday by online poker players. That was when Mark Liparelli, the Chairman of the Gaming Control Board in Nevada, announced that the state is on schedule to begin issuing its first-ever online poker licenses in 30 to 60 days.

While it is certainly understandable for prospective and veteran online poker players in Nevada and the United States to get excited by this announcement, Liparelli pointed out that poker on the Internet in Nevada would still probably not be available for at least 10 months. Obviously, there is the paperwork involved with purchasing and qualifying for a license, the setting up of websites, making sure banking procedures pass all regulatory US hurdles, and actually getting the “games up and running”, as Liparelli put it.

Aside from Nevada Gaming Policy Committee and Gaming Control Board members, online gambling operators and prospective license holders were in attendance. Jim Ryan is co-Chief Executive Officer of Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment, the world’s largest listed online gaming business, and he spoke in front of the assembled panel. Ensuring everyone in attendance that customer protection and security remain the top priorities, he made his case for his company’s entrance into the Nevada online poker realm, telling the 11 panel members that Bwin.Party has a nearly “100% success rate in identifying online gamblers.”

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval was one of the panel members, and he presided over the proceedings. What is the bottom line for online poker players in Nevada? Legalized and regulated online poker is coming to the Silver State sooner than later, seasoned industry professionals will probably be the first to offer online poker, and the first state to deliver online poker in the United States will be watched like a hawk by state regulators and judicial executives. That all paints a very pretty picture for poker players in Nevada and the US, as it will ensure a safe and legal online poker playground, provided by the biggest and most trusted names in the business.

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  1. Yea I am licking my chops. I can’t wait till legalization comes and I am happy to see small strides towards that..

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