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Sports Betting Legalized In The US

The long-awaited verdict in the New Jersey Supreme Court sports betting case has arrived. PASPA was ruled unconstitutional and has been repealed. The 46 states affected by PASPA are not in the clear to pass […]


Loot Box Decision Reversed By US Court

Loot boxes are randomized rewards given to players in video games and online casinos. In late March 2018, the US Court of Appeals reversed a Washington state decision that had previously determined that loot boxes […]

USA professional sports leagues

Sports Leagues Nailing Their Own Coffin

Major League Baseball’s lawyer Bryan Seeley recently spoke to a committee of Missouri lawmakers. His message—legal sports betting could bring more fan engagement and sponsorship opportunities to the brand. For a league once claiming that […]

PGA Tour logo on golf course

PGA Tour Edging Into Sports Betting Conversation

Illinois is another state pushing legal sports betting options through legislation. The NBA and MLB are lobbying extensively to promote their agendas. Now, unlike other states, the PGA Tour has attended hearings in support of […]

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Sports League Lobbying Appearing To Work

It is no secret that the NBA and MLB are attempting to monetize state regulated sports betting in their favor. They have sent out representatives to different parts of the country where sports betting legislation […]