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United States Gambling Online Is Changing How the Internet Works

Who is Matthew Katz, and why should his opinion matter to you? Katz is the Chief Executive Officer of Central Account Management System (CAMS), and if you are reading this article, you most likely are a fan of some type of online gambling. The CEO of the payment processing company, which also handles Internet casino player verification, believes that online gambling as it exists and is emerging in the United States is going to transform the way the Internet works.

More than simply generating tax money and allowing you the freedom to gamble when and where you want, the Internet is becoming dramatically impacted by the United States online gambling industry. According to Katz, how online gambling takes place in the United States “is forcing a massive change in how the Internet works.” For instance, CAMS acts is a go-between that bridges the gap for virtual casino operations and third-party firms that reveal the location of players attempting to open accounts, withdraw money or gamble at state regulated casinos. Verification of a player’s age is also made by the company.

But Katz says this process eliminates some of the anonymity which World Wide Web surfers have come to know and enjoy. He believes that moves the web from a network of no borders to one that can track and verify exactly who and where you are. The Internet was created as a borderless entity, and now these virtual borders created by states like New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada move players “from anonymity to full transparency.” And that is one of the problems with the stagnant growth of the online gambling industry in those three states. While Pennsylvania and California are probably the two states closest to joining the virtual world of US casino gambling and poker, the three states listed above are currently the only which offer state-based and regulated Internet gambling of some type.

What happens when potential poker and casino players in the United States want to log online and play, and they are not located in one of those three states? Because of legal certification provided by legitimate online jurisdictions that run, regulate and police online gambling licenses, there are a few seasoned web gambling destinations which support US players. And since there is no federal law against an individual United States citizen making real money wagers online, these reputable and certified Internet gambling spots located outside of the United States have become increasingly popular. And unlike the US, many offer US friendly sports wagering options on top of traditional Las Vegas style virtual casinos and US online poker rooms.

John Pappas stated that he believes it’s just “a matter of time before Pennsylvania goes down this path (legalizing online gambling).” Pappas is the Executive Director of the Poker Players Alliance, a company which supports government regulation of online poker. And California currently has three separate proposals for legalizing online poker in the Golden State. But until a federal piece of legislation in the United States is rolled out, allowing freedom of movement for Internet gamblers in the USA, legitimately licensed and regulated offshore sportsbooks, poker rooms and casinos will continue to clean up by offering just what Americans want … legitimate anywhere, anytime online gambling access.