California State FlagGambling has been a part of California since it drafted its state constitution and became an official state in 1850. It’s one of the only states in the country to consider poker a game of skill instead of a game of chance and allow free range gambling in commercial establishments, hotels, and other mom and pop shops around the western coastline of the country.

Voters in the state have been consistently shown to approve of state-sanctioned gambling by voting for the state lottery in 1984, and then in 2000 when they voted for a constitutional amendment to allow for brick-and-mortar casinos, as well as, moves toward California online gambling.

Is Online Gambling Legal In California Right Now?

There has never been a law written in either California State gambling laws or by the Federal US Government that directly prohibits placing real money bets on the internet to offshore online gambling sites while in the state of California. Since the state of California has yet to authorize legislation for the state to license various forms of online gambling, domestic CA-based online gambling is not permitted and thus licensed offshore gambling is the primary legal option.

Federal gambling laws do not prohibit Californians from enjoying online gambling at virtual casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms that are operating legally offshore.  The US federal gambling laws that are in place primarily oversee financial transactions associated with gambling and target gambling businesses and payment processors.  Therefore CA residents can enjoy various forms of gambling entertainment on the Internet through secure, reputable and legitimate gambling sites, such as the ones you see featured on this page.

Legal California Online Gambling Sites

Each of the gambling sites mentioned in the table below is regulated and properly licensed in their jurisdictions located outside of the US allowing them to be legally accessed by US players.  They each either hold individual licensing or are owned and operated by a parent company that holds legitimate licensing credentials. These brands have developed reputations over the course of many years to be consistent and reliable in their payout, financial transactions, and compliance certifications which are given annually after their gaming systems tested by third-party agencies for statistical randomness and fair gaming practices.

Site NameBonusRatingTypeUSAVisit Site
Online Casinos
Bovada Sportsbook And Casino$30005 Star RatingCasinoVisit Site
$50005 Star RatingCasinoVisit Site
Cafe Casino$50005 Star RatingCasinoVisit Site
Ignition Casino$10004 Star RatingCasinoVisit Site
casinomax logo$90004 Star RatingCasinoVisit Site
Roaring21 logo$100004 Star RatingCasinoVisit Site
Cherry Jackpot logo$200004 Star RatingCasinoVisit Site
Online Sports Betting Sites
Bovada Sportsbook And Casino$2505 Star RatingSportsbookVisit Site
Betonline Sportsbook And Casino$10005 Star RatingSportsbookVisit Site
Mybookie Sportsbook$10005 Star RatingSportsbookVisit Site$10004 Star RatingSportsbookVisit Site
Online Poker Sites
Bovada Sportsbook And Casino$5005 Star RatingPokerVisit Site
Ignition Casino$10004 Star RatingPokerVisit Site
Betonline Sportsbook And Casino$10005 Star RatingPokerVisit Site

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Can I Play Real Money Casino Games Online In California?

Yes, you can. While there are no domestic state-licensed and regulated online casino gambling options at this time, there are multiple legally sanctioned and licensed offshore online casinos accepting players from California. These sites deliver a strong selection of casino games, attractive bonus offers and a secure US friendly banking suite.

CA players can access the same types of games they would find in brick and mortar casinos, including slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, baccarat, various other table games, specialty games, and live dealer games. Learn more from our guide on California online casinos where you will find information about the legal status of online casino gambling in CA, as well as, what gaming options are legally available to you.

Can I Play Poker Online In California?

California does not provide any domestic state-licensed poker gambling platforms since the state has yet to authorize this form of online gambling at the legislative level.

However, California poker players will find various poker games available online through licensed offshore poker sites where games can including Omaha, 5-card stud, Americana, 32 card draw, HORSE, and Texas Hold’Em. Licensed offshore online poker sites offer an interactive gaming experience in which Californians can play against other live players from around the world – not just a computer.

The feature-rich interface solutions used by these poker sites allow multi-hand and multi-table options, as well as, access to around the clock poker tournament options. Visit our page covering California online poker for more information.

Can I Bet On Sports Online In California?

California has not legalized the authorization of state-licensed and regulated sports gambling operations. In fact, operating a domestic sportsbook online was previously made illegal through the Department of Justice’s Formal Opinion on the Federal Wire Act in 2011.

However, through the repeal of PASPA in 2018, the DOJ’s 2011 Opinion was modified to apply the Wire Act to only restrict interstate online sports betting. These changes allowed states to offer domestic online poker and casino gambling after 2011, and online sports gambling after 2018 when the Opinion was modified after PASPA’s removal. However, through another modification to the DOJ Opinion on the Wire Act made in 2019, all interstate gaming is considered illegal, only allowing intrastate online gaming.

Therefore, California players can access licensed offshore online sportsbooks to enjoy wagering and learn more about the legal status of sports-related gambling entertainment through our California online sports betting guide.

Can I Play Bingo Online In California?

If the online bingo hall that you intend to use is legally licensed and regulated by a legitimate governing jurisdiction outside of the US, then you are completely within your rights as a Californian to play as much real money online bingo as you like. However, since the state of California has not authorized state-licensed and based online bingo sites, domestic online bingo is considered illegal and should not be accessed.

To gain more insight into how you can legally and safely enjoy playing bingo online from reputable licensed offshore sites, check out our page dedicated to covering California online bingo sites.

What is the Legal Minimum Gambling Age in California?

Well, the answer to this depends on the type of gambling you are referring to, and where specifically in California you are considering engaging in gambling entertainment.  Legally, players who are 18 and up can participate in state-licensed bingo, lottery, pari-mutuel wagering, poker, and casino gambling. Although the state’s gambling laws allow casinos to welcome players as young as 18, individual regions and casino properties have the option of establishing their own policies concerning the minimum age requirements as long as those policies do not violate CA state gambling laws.

Some casinos in CA have elected to establish a minimum age requirement of 21 in order to comply with liquor licensing mandates.  There are also some casinos that simply limit access to the casino floor to designated areas for those players who are 18-20.  Card rooms also vary regarding the minimum age requirements for playing real money poker games.  The best way to know for sure what a casino or card room’s policies are is to go to a gambling destination’s website or call for confirmation.

What is the Legal Minimum Online Gambling Age in California?

Since California does not yet allow state-regulated online gambling, there is no minimum age requirement for this type of gambling entertainment.  The reputable and legitimate offshore online gambling sites featured on this page all accept CA residents at age 18, which does not violate any state or federal gambling laws.  Californians may visit and enjoy any of the online gambling sites listed above without fear of violating any gambling laws.

Will California Legalize Online Gambling In The Near Future?

Legalizing all forms of online gambling for the purpose of state regulation is not currently high on the list of priorities for the current administration. California is one of the few states that regards poker as a game of skill and therefore allows it to exist legally in what has become known as “California casinos”, which is probably the only reason they are pushing online gambling legislation legalization – for poker gambling.

Physical poker rooms exist all over the state and have been there since the beginning of California’s statehood. There are as many as 100 of these venues scattered across the state in hotels and bingo halls. California has been met with opposition concerning the possibility of online gambling by various Indian tribes which operate gambling venues within the state.

As of yet, no agreements have been reached that satisfy all parties involved.  Discussions have been taking place for several years, so nobody is holding their breath for an outcome favorable to supporters of online gambling.

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