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USA Gambling Options For NFL & College Football Betting 

Football bettors are getting ready to lay some action on the USA’s most popular sport as there are now more legal domestic and online sports betting options than ever before going into the 2023-24 season. 

In recent years following the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection ACT (PASPA), US states have been legalizing domestic sportsbooks as now 37 states and Washington DC have domestic sports wagering options. 

In addition to domestic sportsbooks, online sportsbooks in the United States have offered game lines, props, and futures to American bettors since the early 2000s. Today apart from a few states, most online sports gambling is still provided by offshore gambling sites that cater to American bettors. 

Gambling On The NFL

To gamble on the NFL in 2023, bettors will find that there are domestic sports betting locations and mobile sportsbooks in the USA. Only a few states authorize online sports betting from domestic sportsbook locations; therefore, most online sports gambling still occurs from trusted offshore sportsbooks.

Online NFL betting has many options for bettors, including game lines, futures, props, and more. Game lines offer three ways to wager: spread, win, and total odds. Future odds offer odds for events that could happen in the future, such as MVP winner, Super Bowl winner, and more.

Popular NFL Betting Lines:

  • Super Bowl Winner
  • MVP Winner
  • Playoff Betting Lines
  • NFL Game Lines
  • NFL Preseason Odds

Sports Wagering On College Football

College football betting is like NFL odds because game lines, futures, props, and more exist. Some domestic sportsbooks have state regulations that forbid betting on college football teams; therefore, most college football betting is still wagered online.

Betting on college football is more complicated than betting on the NFL because each team has unknown players that could impact the game, and since they are not professional athletes, there is a lot more uncertainty. 

Popular NCAAF Odds:

  • National Championship Winner
  • CFP Odds
  • Draft Odds
  • Heisman Winner

Is Online Sports Gambling Available In All 50 States?

USA FlagYou can find online sports betting options in all fifty states; however, some states have outlawed gambling at a state level. 

There are no federal gambling laws that make online sports gambling illegal, but the US government has enacted laws to make depositing into an offshore account harder. To combat restrictions set by the US government on Visa and MasterCard deposits, many online sports betting sites have started accepting cryptocurrency and other popular banking options.

Some of the most convenient banking options available with online sportsbooks include Bitcoin, altcoins, P2P apps, Vouchers, debit/credit, Zelle, and more.