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Will New York Be The Next State To Legalize Online Casino Gambling?

New York State Senator Joseph Addabbo, Jr., has been attempting to legalize online and mobile casino gambling in the Empire State for years. Since 2019, he has been introducing legislation aimed at these purposes, and has done so again in 2024.

S8185 is now being debated in the Senate Racing, Gaming And Wagering Committee. Included in the bill are allowances for online and mobile poker, blackjack, roulette, and lottery.

What Is In S8185

Anticipated revenue generated by online casinos in New York is expected to be in the $1 billion range.  The licensing fee for vendors will be $2 million, and the tax rate will be 30.5%. $11 million will be set aside for problem gaming services.

Under the current bill language, Native American casinos, retail gambling locations, and domestic sportsbooks can purchase an online gaming license.

Who Opposes The Bill?

The prospect of online poker and other real-money games in NY has outraged local casino employee unions. Web-based and mobile gaming options could cause attendance to decline at local venues, forcing the layoffs of dealers and other casino-related personnel.

The Resort World Casino is located in Sen. Addabbo’s district. Recently, 700 employees of Resort World Casino sent Addabbo a letter expressing their opposition to S8185.

“We find it appalling that you are pushing legislation that would hurt workers like us and our industry in order to benefit a handful of companies who are seeking massive profits at our expense,”

Excerpt From A Letter From Employees Of The Resort World Casino

Ironically, Resort World Casino plans to purchase a license for online poker in New York and other real money games.

Senator Addabbo believes that the legalization of online gaming will add jobs to that sector, not retract. S8185 would create an annual $25 million fund to support and train casino employees.

“We do not want to cannibalize brick-and-mortar licenses. We do not want to cannibalize those jobs. We want to grow those jobs,”

NY Senator Joe Addabbo – 15th District

Who Supports The Bill?

Addabbo is backed by nearly $80,000 in contributions from domestic gambling vendors. The Senator cites nearby states where online gambling is legal as additional rationale for the bill’s passage.

States like New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania already have online gaming in place, attracting NY-based players to travel there and spend their money.

The New York legislative session ends on June 6th, so lawmakers have until then to decide whether online gambling will become a reality in 2024.

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