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Domestic Casino Revenue Soars, But Is It The Best Bet?

Domestic casinos across the United States are posting record-breaking numbers so far in 2023, but many players are left wondering if they offer the most bang for your buck, and the short answer is no. 

While there is nothing like the experience of winning at a domestic casino in front of a crowd of peers, other options could prove more lucrative. Online casinos in the United States have operated since the early 2000s and evolved with technology.

Frequent players often find the best value online, as internet casinos offer more games, lower buy-ins, and alternative currency deposits and payouts. 

Domestic Casinos See Increased Revenue In 2023

Several states have already released quarterly revenue reports, indicating they are on track for a record-setting year. Pennsylvania has shown that they are already up 7% this year, and New Jersey has stated that they are up 9.4% despite several big wins across the state.

While some states have seen a dip in revenue, the year still has a long way to go, and those numbers will likely be up by the end of the summer months. Massachusetts has indicated that its state revenue from casino gambling has dipped slightly compared to the previous year. Still, MA officials are okay with the reports, as revenue is expected to increase by the end of the year.

Perks Of Online Casino Gameplay

According to US gambling laws that don’t address the practice, online casino gambling is legal in all fifty states. The federal government has allowed the states to create regulations on the subject, and almost all of them only develop laws addressing domestic casino operations. 

Some perks associated with online casinos include lower buy-ins, alternative deposit and withdrawal options, cryptocurrencies, referral bonuses, gameplay bonuses, and more. However, the best part about online casinos is the gameplay options, including USA online blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, keno, and live dealer games. 

The casino games you will find online offer multiple variations, spins as low as $0.01, table buy-ins as low as $1, and live dealer games starting at $5. Online casinos can offer low buy-ins because they are controlled by random number generators that offer the same odds as the big casinos in Vegas or New Jersey. While live dealer games typically cost more, this is because a live dealer is working the table over a video feed.

Lower buy-ins offer players more entertainment for their buck, and while online players miss out on the free drinks, online casinos offer something better, bonus cash and reward perks.