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Offshore Casinos And Sportsbooks Provide Cure For Coronavirus Quarantined Bettors

Just about all land-based casinos have closed in the United States due to the effort to prevent the further spread of the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19). USA gamblers are now urged to self-quarantine in their homes for the immediate future.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that one of the final holdouts in keeping their casino doors open, The Seminole Tribe of Florida, decided to close all facility doors at 6 PM this evening.

With land-based casino options now off-limits to US-based gamblers due to the Coronavirus outbreak, USA online casinos have become the premium betting option. The best online poker games and other premium casino games are available online and offer the same level of fair play and gaming accuracy that you’d expect on the floor of Caesar’s Palace.

Although the virus has caused the cancellation or postponement of almost all sports leagues across the globe and has closed the door to just about all casinos located in the United States, there are still plenty of option open to US bettors that have the itch to place a wager or two while stuck at home.

Sportsbooks Are Still An Option

Although sports occurring in the United States have all been canceled or postponed for the foreseeable future, there are still plenty of contests available to wager on at top-rated offshore sportsbooks. There are still ongoing sports leagues with games occurring around the world.

Australia is going forth with their Aussie Rules football games, and betting lines are available on each, offering spreads, American odds, and totals for bettors to wager on. Europe’s Championship Soccer League is also competing, with a full slate of games scheduled for Saturday.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find coverage of foreign games in the United States, and watching the games is always preferable when laying some action on them. If you absolutely must watch the competition that you are betting on, perhaps Virtual Sports is something to consider.

Betting On Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports are computer-generated games that are played through the creation of randomly created data. It is similar to watching a sports video game where the computer controls each team, except you can bet on it.

The virtual sports contests are running at legal online casinos and sportsbooks operating offshore at all hours of the day, and offer betting action on virtual basketball, soccer, races, and roulette-style games. Bettors have the option of browsing the games at online betting venues before placing a wager.

Bettine On USA Politics

Bernie Sanders has yet to throw in the towel and is still in the running to become the next Democratic Nominee for President of the United States of America. Although there is a low probability that Bernie will attain the nomination, his presence in the race allows for the continued production of betting odds for state primary election results.

This action will continue as long as Sanders remains in the race and tries to topple Joe Biden, and is a great betting option. Even if Sanders exits the race, there’ll still be odds out there for betting on the Presidential race, as well as political prop bets on who will be chosen to be vice president by the Democratic nominee.

Entertainment Betting

There are still many avenues that US online gambling sites can provide for betting. The entertainment betting category allows for wagering on just about any occurrence that is significant enough for news outlets to cover.

Betting lines are offered for reality shows, fictional television shows, stock market prices, weather, and professional wrestling. If odds can be placed on the occurrence, and it’s drawing enough attention to warrant them being posted, sportsbooks are doing it.

Hopefully, everyone is hunkered down with a few weeks of supplies to hold them over. With so many betting options offered online, bettors are sure to be engaged throughout the quarantine.