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US Casinos Suffer Under New Lockdowns As COVID-19 Surges

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced last night that he would extend the statewide curfew as Coronavirus-related deaths in Ohio surpass 7,000 – a staggering new high. The curfew runs from 10 PM to 5 AM, and health experts believe that the lockdowns help flatten the curve in Ohio.

The measure exempts all local businesses to close by 10 PM, except for pharmacies, grocery stores, and restaurants serving takeout. One industry that the measure overlooks is Ohio’s gambling industry.

Reports from the total gambling revenues of Ohio casinos paint a disastrous picture. Since November of last year, revenue decreased over seventeen percent, a loss of nearly thirty million dollars. Hollywood Gaming Casino in Mahoning Valley saw a net loss of over one million dollars.

Big casinos like those in Ohio target late-night audiences and keep their doors open well into the morning to cater to such bettors. When you envision a genuine Las-Vegas style casino, you usually picture a chilly Nevada night filled with light, color, and bustling energy.

With new coronavirus lockdowns, those visions are beginning to fade and transfer over to the online casino world slowly. And the loss in revenues of brick-and-mortar casinos was already reportedly declining even before the pandemic exacerbated matters.

Some Nevada casinos reported losses of up to 90%, while states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey flourish in an online gambling frenzy. Nevada officials have quickly realized their folly and are starting to plan for providing online gambling options as well.

More and more states are making the legal push for legitimate online wagering, but the reality is still a long way off. Plus, the coronavirus isn’t going to just go away any time soon, even with vaccines around the corner.

People will most likely be online gambling now more than ever before. With tedious and slow state legal systems, gamblers’ best option is to use an online international gambling site.

USA online casinos are a great option for US bettors who do not want to risk coronavirus at a brick-and-mortar casino. Moreover, most states do not even have their own online casino gambling venues, so international online casinos will be one of the best options for gamblers everywhere.

These sites already offer the full array of moneylines on everything from sports, politics to horses. Moreover, they provide top online casino games that rival those of an authentic Vegas-style casino. Where there’s action, we got you covered, and now a lot of the action is online.