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Massachusetts Senator Says US Gambling Expansion Is Not A Priority

It seems that Massachusetts sports bettors and mobile gamblers will have to go another year without state-licensed online sportsbook or casino options.

Massachusetts Passes on State-Licensed Gaming

In a recent interview with Massachusetts Senate leader Karen Spilka, the lawmaker revealed that she had no intentions of trying to push such legislation this session. Spilka said that a gaming bill would not be prioritized as other matters have risen to greater importance.

“We have to do redistricting, we have to close out the books and do a supply budget, we need to do a more permanent VOTES act, our temporary (provisions) end in December… Some of it will depend upon bandwidth and how it stands.” – Senate President Karen Spilka

With this statement, the Senator all but confirms that Massachusetts gaming enthusiasts won’t see a gambling expansion in 2021. While MA residents now have an official answer, that doesn’t make the response any less disappointing.

Lawmakers in the House have been pushing for state-licensed sports betting and gambling options since the repeal of PASPA in 2018. However, the Senate has consistently refused to budge on the matter, killing the bills before they reach the Governor.

The Senate’s Steel Door

Some seem to be confused as to why the Senate is bent on keeping online casinos and sportsbooks from their constituents. Senator Spilka has repeatedly claimed that the state doesn’t need the additional revenues.

“I’m not certain that there’s a need for even more money. I have not heard that from a single person.” -Senate President Karen Spilka

The response from Spilka is strange, as it is fair to say that every state needs more money—especially given the COVID economy.

Even so, it is understandable that the government would prioritize issues of redistricting, budgeting, and transportation ahead of MA gambling expansion. Hopefully, lawmakers understand what they are forfeiting.

Massachusetts residents will continue to drive to out-of-state casinos and play at home via offshore online casinos. And Americans are gaming more than ever before.

How To Still Gamble in Massachusetts

With football season in full swing, MA residents aren’t going to exclude themselves from the fun. The cash flow already exists, Massachusetts is simply making the decision to forgo the revenue.

A potential $70 million in revenue, at that.

Nonetheless, Massachusetts will remain behind other states who, this year, legalized and will be launching domestic online gaming. But that’s okay because seasoned bettors know that offshore sites are the preferred place to wager.

While US lawmakers scramble to learn the ins and outs of gaming, offshore gamblers can relish in knowing that they are playing with safe, reputable service providers.

Source: WHDH