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Lawbook With GavelWhen it comes to United States Online Gambling Laws, the water is a little bit 'murky' to say the least. There has been some legislation put in place which restricts credit card use in regards to online gambling transactions, however specific directives prohibiting online gambling at large are not in place that span the United States as a whole. This fact is actually one of the motivations for this site. It quickly became clear that the individual states were going to need to address how they feel about online gambling within their own borders.

Most USA gambling enthusiasts don't have a problem with the 'states' rights' approach on the topic as it is likely to lend more viability to a variety of solutions, allowing the people in each state to have a voice in the matter. While this may not guarantee that online gambling will be legal in every corner of the United States in years to come, it does make it more likely that those people who want access to it will have the opportunity to keep it or make it legal where they reside. Likewise, it gives those opposed a voice in rejecting the venue. After all, this is the American way. But when it comes to down brass tacks in the here and now, there are no United States online gambling laws which completely prohibit it. The many 'gray' areas and non-specific language have left the real focus on payment methods, and not the actual participation in online gambling itself.

Below you will find a listing of our favorite online casinos which adhere to USA Online Gambling Laws while providing a safe, secure, exhilarating and rewarding online gambling experience. They have all been examined by a team of highly trained online gambling experiences who know precisely what to look for when determining the value and legitimacy of any online gambling site. You will also find information on their current bonus offers to help you get the most bang for your buck!

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    3 Primary Laws That Affect Online Gambling In The United States

    The Federal Wire Act - This US federal laws was passed in 1961 to target illegal gambling operations being run by organized crime syndicates.  The law has now been applied to Internet gambling and effectively prohibits US based online sports betting.  This section of our guide provides insight into the application of this law and how it affected online gambling in the United States.

    The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) - This law was passed in the early 90s as an effort to curtail the expansion of legal sports betting in the US.  It effectively banned physical sportsbook businesses across the country.  There are four states that were exempted from the restrictions of this law, including Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon.  On May 14, 2018, PASPA was ruled to be unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court, who lifted the ban on US based sports betting.  This page of our website provides insight into PASPA and the states that are challenging the constitutionality of it.

    The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) - This law really has nothing to do with gamblers themselves, but rather is directed at gambling business operators and payment processors.  This laws does not prohibit any type of online gambling and was passed to provide regulatory oversight concerning gambling related transactions and how they are processed.  This page will explain the intent and application of this law and how it impacts the US gambling market.

    Gambling Laws By State

    Alabama Online Gambling Laws Montana Online Gambling Laws
    Alaska Online Gambling Laws Nebraska Online Gambling Laws
    Arizona Online Gambling Laws Nevada Online Gambling Laws
    Arkansas Online Gambling Laws New Hampshire Online Gambling Laws
    California Online Gambling Laws New Jersey Online Gambling Laws
    Colorado Online Gambling Laws New Mexico Online Gambling Laws
    Connecticut Online Gambling Laws New York Online Gambling Laws
    Delaware Online Gambling Laws North Carolina Online Gambling Laws
    Florida Online Gambling Laws North Dakota Online Gambling Laws
    Georgia Online Gambling Laws Ohio Online Gambling Laws
    Hawaii Online Gambling Laws Oklahoma Online Gambling Laws
    Idaho Online Gambling Laws Oregon Online Gambling Laws
    Illinois Online Gambling Laws Pennsylvania Online Gambling Laws
    Indiana Online Gambling Laws Rhode Island Online Gambling Laws
    Iowa Online Gambling Laws South Carolina Online Gambling Laws
    Kansas Online Gambling Laws South Dakota Online Gambling Laws
    Kentucky Online Gambling Laws Tennessee Online Gambling Laws
    Louisiana Online Gambling Laws Texas Online Gambling Laws
    Maine Online Gambling Laws Utah Online Gambling Laws
    Maryland Online Gambling Laws Vermont Online Gambling Laws
    Massachusetts Online Gambling Laws Virginia Online Gambling Laws
    Michigan Online Gambling Laws Washington Online Gambling Laws
    Minnesota Online Gambling Laws West Virginia Online Gambling Laws
    Mississippi Online Gambling Laws Wisconsin Online Gambling Laws
    Missouri Online Gambling Laws Wyoming Online Gambling Laws

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