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The Onset of Illegal Gambling Busts in Hawaii Reaffirm Why Offshore Casinos Are The Safest Way to Game

Hawaii is a tropical island well-known to the rest of America as a dream vacation destination. To those living in the state, it is their home and livelihood.

Game Rooms Infiltrate Suburbia

With lavish resorts scattered around the island’s most popular places, many would be surprised to find that there isn’t a single casino in Hawaii.

The island’s government has deep anti-gambling sentiments and aggressively enforces such policies. Over the past year, the state has shut down over a dozen illegal gaming rooms—many of which have been located in suburban neighborhoods.

While conducting these raids, law enforcement found proof of other illegal activities such as the sale of unauthorized weapons and illicit drugs. Despite ongoing arrests, illegal gambling rooms continue to pop up across the state.

Hawaii Hardens Its Stance

Hawaii state officials are looking to implement harsher laws and restrictions to prevent the accelerated growth of such gambling rings. Even so, many are left to wonder if such actions are enough to keep the associated crime out of their neighborhoods.

Government officials refuse to introduce gambling legislation in favor of domestic casinos and are instead spending more resources on trying to deter the practice entirely.

However, the bad reputation that is given to gamblers only serves to make them more vulnerable to the influence of other illegal activities.

Think of it this way: someone who gambles doesn’t necessarily do drugs. But if that individual has to go through a drug dealer to play casino games, they are immediately more susceptible to illicit drug use.

Hawaii could easily bring domestic casinos to its resorts with the swipe of a pen, eradicating clientele for these underground gambling rings. Unfortunately, this is not the kind of rhetoric that HI lawmakers want to hear.

How To Legally Gamble in Hawaii

The irony of the situation is that gamblers in Hawaii already have access to casino games through offshore online casinos. And given the circumstances, it’s the safest way to play.

Offshore online casinos are also the only legal way to gamble in Hawaii. So no, you won’t see any law enforcement agents at your door for paying a trip to Bovada’s Casino.

Moreover, trusted online casinos guarantee perks and bonuses that simply cannot be promised through a local bookie. Users can relax knowing their identity and credentials are protected using state-of-the-art software and protocols.

Additionally, experienced offshore operators are obligated by their jurisdictions to deal out a certain percentage of profits as wins. For casino gamblers, this means that such operators can afford to pay out on big wins. At a local shop, you’d probably just get kicked out.

Online casinos are, hands-down, the safest way to access gambling services. If you don’t believe me yet, go check out some of our casino reviews where we go into detail about what makes these services so reliable.

Source: KITV