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Political Gambling Sites Offer Odds On Trump Going To Jail

As the days count down to former President Donald Trump’s sentencing hearing on July 11th in New York, speculation is growing regarding what charges he will receive. Each of his 34 guilty felony counts carries a maximum penalty of four years in prison, and opinions vary wildly on what the totality of his sentence will entail.

Online election sportsbooks have pounced on the opportunity to create Trump odds that predict his immediate legal future.

Political betting is exclusive to the offshore gambling marketplace, as domestic venues do not post election odds of any kind. The online sports gambling sites that we recommend to US-based players are located in other countries, and many of them specialize in political odds.

What Will Trump’s Sentence Be?

The following Trump prop bet offers insight into the likelihood of what punishment he will receive next month. Based on the probability suggested by these odds, receiving a monetary fine and some form of probation are guaranteed.

Trump Sentence

  • Fine -10000
  • Probation -1500
  • Community Service +200
  • Home Confinement +300
  • Electronic Tag +400
  • Incarceration (To Begin Immediately Following Court Session) +400
  • *Bovada

There is a 1 in 3 chance of community service being assigned and a 1 in 4 possibility of home confinement. These next two political props also project similar results for house custody and community service, but to a higher degree.

Hush Money/Stormy Daniels – Custodial Sentence?

  • No -1500
  • *BetOnline

Hush Money/Stormy Daniels: House Arrest?

  • No -600
  • Yes +350
  • *BetOnline

Will Trump Go To Jail?

Betting lines don’t support the notion that Donald will end up behind bars, and that goes for any of his existing guilty verdicts and pending charges – at least until 2026.

Will Trump Be Imprisoned Before Election?

  • Yes +275
  • No -400
  • *Bovada

To Be Convicted and Serve Jail Time Before 2025?

  • No -1500
  • Yes +600
  • *BetOnline

To Be Convicted and Serve Jail Time Before 2026?

  • No -350
  • Yes +225
  • *BetOnline

As a former President, Donald Trump will receive protection from the Secret Service for the remainder of his life. This predicament makes it difficult for Trump to serve any real jail time, which is probably why the discussion regarding home confinement has gotten so much traction.

The +600 moneyline on “Teflon Don” going to jail before 2025 at BetOnlineAG features the best-paying odds on the board at the moment. Payouts will occur no matter why he goes to prison as long as it happens before the end of this year.

Who Is Favored To Win The Presidency?

Despite the pending legal proceedings in Georgia and at the federal level, Trump still ranks ahead of President Biden in the current political futures.

US Presidential Election 2024 Winner

  • Donald Trump Sr. -125
  • Joe Biden +130
  • Bovada

These Presidential betting odds for both candidates are near even, projecting a tight race that will produce much closer results than the 2020 election cycle.

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