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Which Smartphones Are Best For Online Gambling In The USA?

The United States is split between Android and Apple users. Some users prefer the secure, cutting-edge technology that iPhones provide. Others like open-sourced Android-based phones or simply prefer to exist outside the Apple sphere.

Any smartphone still receiving operating system updates and supported by at least one major mobile web browser app has the required onboard hardware to connect to a gambling site remotely.

While domestic apps need to be downloaded, the mobile casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms we recommend utilize web browsers to gamble on smartphones. Players can skip the app store and get straight to betting, no matter what brand the device is.

The use of Internet browser applications may narrow the differences between Apple and Android, but there are still plenty of reasons a gambler may choose one or the other.

iPhone Pros And Cons

  • Fast Speeds
  • Fun Accessories And Gadgets Like Airtags
  • Simple User Interface
  • Routine Updates
  • Solid Support Team And Response Times
  • Suspect Battery Life
  • Limited Storage
  • Not Easy To Customize

Android Pros And Cons

  • Customizable Appearance
  • Larger Variety Of Brands And Phones To Choose From
  • Google-Friendly
  • Non-Samsung Brands Are Often Cheaper Than Apple
  • Uncertain Update Timetables
  • Lower End Brands Are Not Recommended

Our review team, like the USA, features a mix of Android and iPhone users. Based on a combination of personal experience and online reviews, we present the following suggestions for the best mobile gaming experience.

The Best iPhone For Mobile Gambling

The iPhone 15 is the latest Apple smartphone to hit the market and has been in circulation for nine months. Whether mobile sports betting or playing casino games on an iPhone, getting the biggest screen possible is paramount.

It isn’t any problem to zoom in on micro-text betting lines in the sportsbook, but real money games are best played with larger touchscreens and higher-resolution graphics. With that in mind, we recommend the iPhone 15 Pro Max and its 6.7″ Super Retina XDR display.

If you have patience –  or an existing contract – the iPhone 16 will be released this September.

The Best Android Smartphone For Mobile Betting

For us, Android only means one brand – Samsung. We’ve had brief experiences with other brands in the past, but Samsung is the most reliable and trustworthy Android smartphone provider, and it isn’t close.

We have two recommendations for playing mobile poker, casino games, and sports betting on Samsung smartphones, depending on how tech-savvy users are.

For those who desire traditional handheld smartphones, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. The extra-long battery life lets players gamble for 24+ hours without a recharge.

If you enjoy the latest tech and don’t mind unfolding your device for the largest screen possible, get the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5. It sports a 7.6″ touchscreen, which is perfect for mobile poker.