Michigan Gambling Bill Veto: A Ploy To Buy Time?

Michigan Welcome Sign

Online casino gambling and sports betting bill vetoed in Michigan just before the new Governorship enters in January. The state’s outgoing Republican Governor Rick Snyder just vetoed two strongly bi-partisan supported gambling bills. These measures were passed through the House last June 68-40, Representative Brandt Iden proposed an emergency amendment to the bill in December …

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Pennsylvania Gambling Earns Over $385 Million in First Year

Pennsylvania money skyline

The future of gambling in the Keystone State keeps getting brighter. In the fiscal year since signing a comprehensive gambling expansion bill into law into law, Pennsylvania has generated over $385 million from legal gambling licensing fees and tax revenue – earning the state over $1million per day since late 2017. Governor Tom Wolf signed …

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Destin Florida Bans Gambling Despite Perfect Market

Destin Florida Haborwalk

Destin’s City Council recently approved of an ordinance which would ban gambling within the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village’s city limits. Known as a hot spot for tourists due to their perfect white sand beaches, fishing spots, and overall upscale aesthetic appeal Destin has decided not to further capitalize on the potential revenue gambling venues are …

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Pennsylvania Focuses on Sports Betting and Online Casinos Over Online Poker

Physical Sportsbook

Last year, Pennsylvania approved of expanding its gambling offers which allowed for online casino gambling, online poker, and sports betting. In 2018, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) announced they could not comment on the status of progression of PA online poker due to uncertainty regarding an intrastate liquidity program. The state commented on its …

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2017 WSOP Main Event Ends With Rookie Victory

Blumstein wins 2017 WSOP main event

The WSOP marked the end to its 2017 campaign with its no-limit Texas Hold’em main event. New Jersey native Scott Blumstein defeated Pennsylvania’s Daniel Ott on the 246th hand of the final table. The final two players had more than 60 hands between them with a total of $8.1 million and a coveted WSOP golden …

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New Online Poker Site Coming To New Jersey

PalaPoker coming to NJ

As in most of the United States, New Jersey residents must use legitimately regulated online poker sites that are located outside of the country in order to legally access licensed online poker gambling, but there are three main exceptions to that rule. One of those exceptions is the state of New Jersey. Despite the reportedly …

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Washington State Poised To Embrace Legalized Online Poker

Washington State Flag

2015 could turnout to be a ground breaking year for the state of Washington in which they take a turn away from demonizing online poker and instead embrace it through the legalization of state licensed online poker sites. House Bill 1114 was introduced to the legislature on January 12, 2015 and has been submitted for …

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Conservatives and Libertarians Rally to Oppose Online Gambling Ban

Grover Norquist and Lawson Bader and other conservative advocates joined together to stop Congress from banning US based internet gambling associated with US online poker and casinos,  through the “Restore America’s Wire Act”. These efforts were conducted using a coalition letter signed by many officials. The letter stated that the purpose of this bill was to remove the 10th amendments authority to regulate online gambling as states feel is necessary. The letter went on to discuss their hopes that RAWA would not become another instance where the government took over the states’ rights to make decisions they are capable of making. It was made clear in the letter that they were opposed to this legislation, since they feel it takes away rights that should be afforded to the state. They feel the states should be entrusted with regulating the gambling that goes on within their territories.

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