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Gambling Is Predicted To Be The Fastest Growing Industry For The Empire State Until 2026

Yahoo Finance has recently reported that the fastest growing industry for the Empire State will be the gambling industry in 2019.

This conclusion is based on statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BSL) and projections from the Projections Managing Partnership (PMP). The PMP is a government-backed combination of business that produces state labor market information. Below is the infographic they produced predicting the gambling industry in New York to be the fastest growing job provider by 2026.

Infographic depicting fastest growing jobs in the US

They based their results on industry growth rate and forecast how many expected jobs will be created by 2026. Their studies predict that there will be 1,460 gaming dealers in the state which will represent a 31% increase. The study also takes into effect projected turnover.

As the sports gambling industry expands across New York, BSL is expecting sports writing jobs to increase with the highest level of growth potential based on current positions. Sports writing is predicted to total 1,020 jobs by 2026.

Alongside the growth of gaming dealers and sports writing jobs, gaming supervisors are expected to grow by 16.9%. Gaming supervisors are expected to have a high turnover rate and employers are expected to offer 240 jobs a year.

These statistics are among the highest in the nation for a state that already has a casino industry in place. Only two other states have similar predicted growth for the gambling industry; Alabama, and Washington.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been pushing for online sports betting and domestic sports betting since the Professional and Amature Sports Protection (PASPA) act was repealed by the Supreme Court of the United States in mid-2018.

New Yorkers currently have access to legal online casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks located offshore, but the state is looking to boost revenue by allowing state-based gambling services in the near future.

If New York online gambling does become state-regulated by 2019 or soon after, the room for job growth could become exponentially higher.