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MI Casino Raid Shows Why Legal US Online Gambling Is Better

Legal online gambling in the US is the easiest way for American players to set wagers and play real casino games. Unfortunately, easy isn’t always the American way of doing things.

Search, Seizure, and Cell Service

Last week, state investigators in Michigan seized more than sixty gambling devices from two Flint businesses posing as cell phone stores. Talk about a phone-y business. 

The news comes as regulators continue to work through a prior bust that happened in April. 

As domestic gambling options are legalized in the US, state agencies haven’t slowed their pace in cracking down on illegally-run gaming rings. These kinds of operations are typically run out of pseudo-storefronts such as rural gas stations and bars. 

Cellular Vault and Cellular Bank, the businesses in question, both managed to circumvent action from authorities for several years.

While it remains unclear exactly how long the quasi-casinos hosted these operations, a quick Google search displays Vault reviews from 2018.

State Investigators Crack The Case

After receiving several anonymous tips, the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) executed its raids on Thursday. In addition to the collection of 11 slot machines and 56 computers, investigators also confiscated more than $10,000 in cash. 

MGCB Executive Director Henry Williams warned the public that these operations can cause harm to communities that extend beyond the scope of gambling. He said,

“Patrons at alleged storefront casinos do not have access to the consumer protections required for legal, regulated gambling. The operations also can draw other types of crime to the surrounding neighborhoods.”

Some have speculated that the impacts of COVID-19 may have created a space for these kinds of illegal casinos to rise to the forefront. But since then, regulatory rollbacks and reopenings have brought the legitimate industry back in the game.

Still, it seems that there are a few lone thrill seekers that favor the increased risk of playing at illegal in-state casinos. And Michigan gaming regulators are not pleased with it.

Michigan online gambling has never been more accessible than it is today. Whether you prefer an offshore or in-state gaming provider, the Wolverine State has a wide variety of options to choose from–each of whom adheres to global consumer protection standards.

Michigan To Settle For Safety

Despite the strenuous efforts to shut these establishments down for good, operators just seem to keep popping up in the most unsuspecting of places. 

And while this is, of course, a major hassle for state gaming authorities, there are serious risks posed to the patron. 

Without regulatory oversight, illegal casinos have no incentive to play a fair game and are free to rig their machines as they please. Furthermore, these locations tend to serve as prime hunting grounds for aggressive loan sharks.

Legal US online casinos are available across most digital devices and offer a playing experience comparable to a retail environment. These sites are not only the safest option for Michigan gamblers but the best. 

Source: Michigan Gaming Control Board