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Legal online casinos have had a USA friendly presence for some time. Not all players are aware of this, and many are under the impression that because the United States federal government has not given the thumbs up to any US based online casinos yet, that it must be a big no no legally. We've decided to set the record strait and to explain precisely where online casino gambling stands for American players. The misinformation and confusion surrounding the US online gambling market makes it challenging to really know what you legally have access to and what you need to stay away from. We decided that it was time for a concise guide that will present the facts as they are, plain and simple, so that you feel confident making decisions regarding your gambling entertainment as an informed player. Some players will feel better about things after learning the facts, while some will still want to wait and see what happens with the current changes happening at the state level in various places throughout the United States.

Even as we write this, Nevada, New Jersey, California and other states are actively working on legislation that will allow and regulate an online gambling platform for their residents. And while they have not yet launched their first gambling site, Nevada is the furthest along in the process having passed the necessary legislation. It will take a little time for these states to create the infrastructure that is needed to facilitate this industry and to regulate it and keep it safe. Dire economic circumstances in the US have driven interest in the online gambling industry as a means to affect state budgets and provide some financial relief for them. We wouldn't be surprised to see the Federal government follow that lead. With US based legal online casinos on the horizon, more and more players are considering the virtual Internet environment as a potential venue for their gambling entertainment. This has led to questions about the legality of online casino gaming for US players, and what is really available within the constraints of the law. The information below will help shed some light on it all.

Are there legal online casinos for U.S.A players?

Yes, there are some secure and trusted brands that are legally available for players in the United States. Currently, the best legal online casinos are not based within the US. This is where things can get dicey. We strongly recommend that players rely on expert input when it comes to vetting these gambling sites. There are some very high quality options that deliver a sophisticated online gambling experience, but there are also rogue and predatory brands out there which are in business simply to scam you. Our team has carefully vetted the casino brands you see in the table below to ensure that they are operating legally. We've done this through multiple verifications, including confirming that they are licensed by a recognized governing body, that they have obtained compliance certifications for their RNG technology and their fair gaming practices, and that they participate in regular testing and auditing of their software by independent third party industry professionals. Each brand we've recommended has exceeded the basic licensing requirements and has stepped up to willingly subject themselves to high level certifications and testing. We consider this very important.

How Do You Know If Legal Online Casinos are Safe?

Once we've verified that a site is legitimately and legally licensed, we then go on to verify that their security profile mirrors the SSL technology and data encryption that you find at banks and other financial institutions, such as credit card companies. This ensures that the site provides a secure and safe environment that will protect your personal financial information from beginning to end. Once again, we require any brands we list here to exceed industry standards and go above and beyond to protect players. The status quot does not earn any brand a spot in our guide to United States Online Gambling. While players may not know exactly how to analyze the security protocols at a given gambling site, our team of professionals has the experience necessary to determine which sites are genuinely meeting our standards with casino safety. Along with expert input, such as a guide like this, you can also feel confident that if a casino brand provides a poor security profile that puts players at risk, word is going to spread quickly. However, you don't want to be the guy who discovers this indiscretion on the part of the casino and looses money to learn the truth. You want to be the one who is warned ahead of time to stick with the trusted and reputable casino options and stay away from uncharted territory.

Why Are All The Legal USA Online Casinos Based And Regulated Outside Of The United States?

Until very recently, the United States was making no progress in legalizing online gambling. There are currently a few states which have legalized state based online gambling and are currently working on building the infrastructure necessary to support and regulate the industry within their state's borders. It will be a little longer before those states actually launch an online gambling opportunity for their residents, and it will only be available to players who reside in those respective states. American players have had to rely on legal casinos which are regulated in International jurisdictions in order to participate in online gambling. The sites featured in this guide are all a part of this type of casino, and have all been vetted by our team for legitimacy. The USA simply wasn't on board with regulating their own options, and has fallen behind in offering US players high quality and reliable online gambling options. Thousands of players in the U.S. participate in online gambling every day, and represent millions of dollars being spent at these gambling sites which are based outside of our borders. We anticipate that the there will be a strong shift towards USA online casinos that are based here right here in America, and that players will opt for state side options as they become available.

Should I Go Ahead And Play Or Wait For Online Gambling To Launch Within The State I Live In?

That is a personal decision, and only you can determine what the best course of action is for your particular situation. If you are concerned about legalities, then we can assure you that there is not a federal law prohibiting your participation in legal online casino gambling at sites which accept US players. The UIGEA simply applies stringent regulation to how online gambling transactions are processed at the online gambling sites, and does not affect individual players. The legal US online casinos we recommend, even the ones based outside of the United States, provide a high quality and safe online gambling experience for US players. However, if you are uncomfortable with the fact that these sites are regulated by non-USA government jurisdictions, then perhaps waiting for state side online gambling is a better option for you. If you do not feel comfortable at the site at which you are playing, chances are you will not have a very enjoyable gaming session, which defeats the purpose of online gaming entertainment.

Below you will find our top picks for legal online casinos which are US friendly. As mentioned previously, they have all been extensively reviewed and vetted for being a legal, legitimate operation that offers a reliable and high quality gaming experience in a safe virtual environment. We've provided a few pieces of additional info, such as bonus offers and software platform so that you can compare those elements to determine which option might work best for you.

Recommended Legal Online Casinos
USA Gambling Site Sign Up Bonus Licensed Software Visit Casino
Bovada Casino 100% up to $3000 Kahnawake RTG Visit
Slots.LV Casino 100% up to $5000 Kahnawake RTG Visit
SunPalace Casino 400% up to $10K Antigua RTG Visit
Vegas Casino Online $3000 free bonus Antigua RTG Visit
Las Vegas USA $3000 free bonus Antigua RTG Visit

Browse your state below to learn where to play online casinos legally. These sites are geared for American players wanting to play with licensed brands.

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