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Hawaii's Best Online Casinos For 2024

Hawaii State FlagSince the Aloha State does not offer legal gambling venues in the state, Hawaii online casinos end up being the only legal way to play real money casino games and responsibly enjoy gambling entertainment through legal offshore providers. This makes the state's legal status especially confusing when residents try to interpret gambling laws for Hawaii online gambling as well.

Typically, residents are so used to the state’s predisposition on gambling that they just assume online gambling is illegal when that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Numerous USA online casinos welcome Hawaiian players.

We have created this page of our guide to inform all the residents of HI about legal online casinos and how to do it safely and responsibly according to the Hawaii state laws and the US federal regulations. We will start by explaining the legal end of placing real-money bets online with legal offshore websites and then we will move to the details that will help you decide which website is best for you. Things like game selection, banking options, and welcome bonuses should all play into your decision.

These are the general categories that you can find information about below. United States gambling online is not quite as complicate as it sometimes seems.

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    Top Ranked Hawaii Online Casinos For May, 2024

    Top Rated Sites TrophyAll of the casinos that we recommend have come from a lengthy process of inspection and a detailed review of their reputations over the time that they have been active within the online gambling community. We have been writing guides like these for over 20 years and have experience just about everything there is to experience within the online gambling industry.

    Our team of industry insiders have an inside look behind the scenes at most of the top brands in the online gambling community and we have come up with this list of qualified websites that welcome Hawaiian players. They are all appropriately licensed and legally regulated within the countries and jurisdictions they find themselves in. They keep their fair play standards up to date with regular compliance certification testing on their random number generators and their financial servers have all been tested for absolute security.

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    Bovada Casino


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    Slotslv Casino


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    Cafe Casino


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    Casino Max


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    Cherry Jackpot


    Are Real Money Online Casinos Legal In Hawaii?

    Lawbook With GavelHawaii has never enacted a law that would stand to condemn any private citizen of any gambling related charge if they are using a legal provider of online casino games that is located outside of state and federal jurisdiction.

    Hawaii state gambling laws are meant to regulate the owners and operators of businesses that would look to profit from gambling over the internet, not the customers that would look to enjoy them. Because the state has not legalized the operation of online casinos yet, they could not possible create the regulation bodies that are required for these sites to exist within its borders.

    They are, as a result of this lack of regulation, pushed out of most of the US and into countries that have set up the proper infrastructure for online gambling businesses where they can get the regulation they require to remain within most of the world’s customer markets.

    There are also no US federal gambling laws that prohibit legally sanctioned offshore casino gambling. It is 100% legal for residents of HI to use legally licensed and regulated offshore casino websites that have been properly created and maintained in their licensure.

    Types Of Real Money Games Offered By Hawaii Online Casinos

    Online Slots IconThere are multiple sub categories of games that you can choose from the providers that we recommend. Firstly, the sub industry that has surrounded itself around online slot machines is so enormous that there are software companies that specifically develop online slot machines alone.

    There are websites that specifically specialize in slots and 3d slots. You can also find hundreds of slots at any of the all-in-one casinos providers as well although the bonuses are usually not as high. Then there are the table games. This is where you will find games like Video Poker, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat and Blackjack.

    They each of their own variations and they are usually all offered at most of the websites as they stay in direct competition with each other through game selection and banking options. Options for bingo, scratchcards, keno and more are also available under what is normally termed “other games” or “specialty games”.

    USA live dealer games have become readily available at online casinos accepting American players.  Originally only available to non-USA players, these games combine advanced web streaming technology with the online casino environment to deliver the best of both worlds.  You access the games online but play face to face with a live dealer or croupier.  The most commonly found variations include live dealer blackjack, roulette and baccarat.

    Hawaii Players Can Enjoy The Casino Games For Free

    Free play is a very important function at these online casino websites. Even for the player that has been visiting casinos for years and who thoroughly understands the dynamic of the games, you still need to learn how to play such games using the computer instead of being there in person.

    It’s simply new movement for your body. It helps to learn when and where to click when you want to make the appropriate bet instead of making a fatal mistake and going all in when you don’t want too. Free play is a very helpful feature and is found throughout the various online gambling platforms, including Hawaii online poker and bingo games.

    Are There Casino Bonuses For Hawaii Players?

    High Roller Gambling IconThere are several bonuses that are made available to residents of Hawaii. They usually come in the form of what’s been termed as a “Welcome Bonus” at most websites. These are the bonuses that come with your initial membership registration and usually work to match a certain percentage of your first deposit.

    You might see “100% Welcome Bonus” or something similar. These bonuses will match a specific percentage your deposit up to a designated maximum amount. The bonuses are all different from the individual websites that we recommend so you should compare the offers before you choose a website.

    Slots bonuses tend to be the most generous with the most favorable wagering requirements.  Bonus offers are a staple in the online gambling industry and can be found at Hawaii online sportsbooks, poker sites and bingo sites.

    Mobile HI Casino Games

    Mobile Casino On Phone IconMobile optimization has come as a huge concern for many online gambling providers. HTML5 has allowed programmers the ability to code in web apps that automatically install to your device and delete themselves when you’re done which cuts down remarkably in hosting and downloading times. There are still apps available if that’s what you prefer.

    Each of the following online casinos that accept Hawaii players offers a mobile friendly version of the software. The games are compatible with all mobile devices including Apple, Androids and others. The mobile version of the casinos offer the same smooth playability that you would expect to find in the desktop version of the software allowing players to enjoy real money games on the go.

    Banking Options Available At Hawaii Friendly Online Casinos

    Credit Cards IconEach of these top tier providers of legal online gambling entertainment will have different banking options relative to their competitors. While it remains within the financial interest of the companies to provide you with as many options to deposit funds as possible, it also relies heavily on the specific regulation that they have.

    The most common banking options that you will find will be Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, and wire transfers that operate through bank-to-bank and person-to-person systems. Large international money transfer companies like MoneyGram and Western Union are also widely available.

    Bitcoin is highly recommended by most of the leading experts in the field as it typically comes with no waiting or processing times and no interaction fees associated with requesting payouts or deposits.

    Will Hawaii Legalize Online Gambling In The Near Future?

    It’s not likely. Although it has been tried so many times that the state police are even coming to terms with the compromise of it, Hawaii has been one of the staunchest states against gambling in the country for quite some time. It seems that the legislation comes and goes with the tide of the economy and whenever it seems to hit a low point, gambling bills start to rise up above the water. They have all been denied in the past but that doesn’t mean anything about the future. It seems that the key is persistence!

    The History Of Gambling In Hawaii - From The Beginning

    In 1778 when the Hawaiian Islands were discovered gambling was widespread throughout the region. The annual Makahiki Festival runs from October to February and during that time it became a cultural practice to place bets on various games to win respect and prizes in the community. It wasn’t until American missionaries showed up that gambling was deemed a problem and stopped betting because of moral issues.

    In 1825, the native chiefs got together and placed a prohibition on various behaviors including drunkenness, theft, and gambling. Since then gambling has been staunched denied in the islands.