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Sports betting is a multibillion-dollar industry and has a large player base of bettors who participate from multiple venues. There are a number of physical brick-and-mortar locations offering legal sports betting options in the larger gambling regions such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City. However, players who are not within a reasonable proximity to land based sportsbook options do have some legitimate alternatives to consider. This can be a confusing entertainment platform based on all of the contradictory and inaccurate information circulating on the web, as well as the ever-changing political and legal landscape surrounding the issue of USA sports betting. This portion of our guide is dedicated to providing clear and concise information that is helpful to players who are attempting to determine what their legal options are and how to find legitimate New Jersey sports betting opportunities.

Despite the fact that New Jersey has embraced legal state-sponsored online gambling for both the New Jersey online casino and NJ online poker platforms, they have been unable to legalize online sports betting, though it is not from a lack of effort. They have met with powerful opposition from professional sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. They have also received opposition from the collegiate sports leagues, specifically from the NCAA. In fact as of this writing a lawsuit is pending concerning New Jersey's efforts to legalize online sports betting activity. As this situation unfolds, we will update this page to reflect its outcome and any industry updates and/or changes which are affected by it.

Is online sports betting legal in New Jersey?

This is not a black and white question hence it will not receive a black-and-white answer. The question will need to be somewhat qualified. Concerning state-sponsored online sports betting, it is currently not legal to operate an online sportsbook within the state of New Jersey. State officials are trying to change the legal status concerning state based Internet sports wagering for its residents, however this is still a work in progress and as of yet there have been no successful changes to the law. Between the federal Wire Act, which the DOJ says pertains to sports wagering, and a strong opposition from both professional and collegiate sports Associations, the legalization of online sports betting anywhere in the United States is going to be an uphill battle. It could be sometime before New Jersey sees success on this front.

This does not mean the New Jersey residents and visitors do not have any options for participating in legal online sports book wagering activity. There are a number of legally licensed and certified offshore Sportsbooks which are regulated and located outside of the United States. Several of these sports book brands have been providing services to players in New Jersey and in the United States in general for years. Many of these offshore options provide honest and secure betting environments and legitimate bonus offers and promotions for new players. Below we will go into more detail concerning the legitimacy of these offshore web based gambling options. There are currently not any state or federal laws which prohibit NJ players from participating in online gambling at these legally licensed and certified Internet sportsbooks located outside of the US. You can visit our section on New Jersey gambling laws to learn more about the legalities of online and land based gambling within the state.

How do I find a legitimate and secure New Jersey online sports betting site?

We have developed an intense review process that we place all potentially viable web based Sportsbooks through before they are considered for inclusion in our guide. Relying on the input of professionals who are experienced in the evaluation of online gambling sites through a guide like ours ensures that players have access to helpful information that will allow them to make informed decisions regarding their choices for online sports betting participation. Our review process starts out with a phase 1 evaluation of the most critical elements of any online gambling operation. We begin with verifying that the brand is legitimately licensed and holds compliance certifications issued by a respected jurisdiction that is recognized throughout the industry. An online gambling site can only be as legitimate as its licensing governing body.

Next we take a look at their security profile to ensure that it provides the safest environment for the sensitive financial data of their bettors. We expect to see sophisticated SSL coding and data encryption technology as well as substantial fraud prevention systems which are monitored around-the-clock. We do not settle for security protocols which simply meet the minimum licensing requirements and industry standards. We want to see security protocols that rival the profiles of world-class financial institutions. Sports bettors deserve this. We then go on to evaluate the competency of their customer support staff, the efficiency of their banking suite, and the selection of betting lines and wagering options available to their customers.

We take a look at their bonus offers and promotions to ensure that they are legitimate and that their wagering requirements are reasonable. Should a specific sports book meet and/or exceed our requirements with these critical operational elements, then they will be considered for further investigation and potential inclusion in this guide. This initial round of investigation does eliminate a significant portion of low quality and undesirable brands and is the first step in comprising a refined listing of legitimate New Jersey Sportsbooks operating on the Web.

Are there any federal laws which affect New Jersey online sports betting?

On the federal level, it has been determined by the Department of justice that the Federal Wire Act does apply to online sports betting. However the Department of Justice has also stated that each individual state is in charge of their own destiny concerning online gambling. This does leave a small opening for states to pursue legal online sports betting that is licensed by the state. New Jersey is the first to take on this battle and has thus far been unsuccessful in achieving legal status for this gambling venue. However, they are not giving up, and if they do turn out to be successful, they will likely pave the way for other states to follow suit. There are no federal laws which prohibit for criminalize USA players from participating in legally licensed and certified online sports betting that is regulated and located outside of the United States. In order for a sports betting site to be legally licensed they must be located in and regulated by a jurisdiction which has specifically legalized online sportsbook wagering within their respective territories. This allows them to legally offer online sports betting opportunities to players in the United States or any other location they choose.

Recommended Online Sportsbooks for New Jersey bettors

Following is our listing of legitimate, secure, and high quality online sports betting sites which accept New Jersey players. The list is not very long, and that doesn't really bother us. We are much more interested in providing access to legal and high-quality options than we are just having a long list. Each of these brands has been placed through our review process and has been found to meet our requirements for inclusion in this guide. This means they are legally licensed and certified, offer a secure wagering environment, and provide an overall high-quality sports betting experience. You will also see their bonus information listed so that you have a little bit of preliminary information by which to help you narrow down what sports betting brands you will consider. Most of the Sportsbooks offer live chat with the customer support staff so that you can ask any question you may have about their wagering options, betting lines, or any other aspect of their operation.

Legal New Jersey Sports Betting Sites
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