Kentucky Pushing For Gambling Reform?

Kentucky State Capital Building

Kentucky has historically been against all forms of gambling. The local gambling laws bans all other types outside of the horse track. However, 2 new bills are attempting to legalize casino gambling with a nod to sports betting. If the bills pass, Kentucky would be on its way towards complete gambling overhaul. Kentucky is no … Read more

Waiting For The Precedent – New Jersey Gambling Laws


 In 2014, Governor Christie signed a bill allowing sports gambling in racetracks statewide across New Jersey. On Monday December 4th, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie talked to media outlets outside of the Supreme Court while the court listened to arguments on whether sports betting could be legalized by states. Governor Christie was addressing his case, … Read more

Government Repeals Net Neutrality Regulations

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

The FCC voted 3-2 in favor of repealing the net neutrality regulations put in place during Barack Obama’s tenure as President. This deregulation of the telecom industry puts major ISPs in pole position to speed up service for websites they favor and, inversely, block websites they do not. The move reflects the changes in policy … Read more

Who Will Reach The CFP National Championship?

College Football Playoffs Bracket 2017-2018

Can Clemson repeat as national champions? Will Oklahoma be the first Big 12 team to win in the CFP era? Does Georgia have what it takes to make the most of their best season since 2005? Or will Alabama capitalize on their last-minute entry into the semifinals? These are the 4 big questions surrounding this … Read more

NCAA Conference Championships Are Here

CFP Rankings 2017

It is time for the top teams in the country to either put up or shut up. The NCAA Conference Championship games are this weekend and several teams have an opportunity to decide their fate regarding a National Championship. While some of the games are one-sided from a betting standpoint, college football has repeatedly shown … Read more