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Maryland Online Gambling Laws

Way back in the 1800s Maryland and most other states had extremely liberal attitudes towards gambling. In the 1860s, Maryland made its first major foray into the world of gambling when the then Governor of Maryland, Oden Bowie decided to build a race course in Baltimore. In the 1950's some counties in the state legalized slot machines. In 1973 the state introduced the state lottery. In 2008, the state started allowing slot machines to be set up in gambling and racing establishments but limited the number of such machines at each establishment to 5. Nearly two years later in 2010, the first slot machines under this new legislation was set up at a casino and many more followed after that. In November 2012 the state voted to once again expand gambling. Efforts have also been made to introduce state based Maryland online gambling, though currently the only options remain brands located outside of the United States.

General Gambling Laws In Maryland

Gambling laws in most states specifically state what gambling is and have a very specific definition of what constitutes gambling. In Maryland however, the law has a very broad definition of gambling. Maryland law simply states that it is illegal to wager, bet or gamble. The law does not define any of the three terms - wager, bet and gamble - in detail. Another major difference between the gambling laws in Maryland and other states is that in Maryland, the law does not distinguish between those engaged in playing and those engaged in conducting the gambling activity. In fact playing a gaming device for anything of value is prohibited by Maryland law. Hence even playing poker is a violation of Maryland gambling laws. A deck of cards on a table can be a gaming device under Maryland gambling laws which define a gaming device as essentially anything that is involved or used in a game involving wagering or betting. A chance book, a paddle wheel, a wheel of fortune and bingo are all considered as gaming devices in Maryland. Possession of such gaming devices is also prohibited by Maryland law.

Maryland's Position On Social Gambling

There is no special exemption for social gambling. Some counties in the state also have local laws that regulate gambling. Bingo and other limited forms of social gambling are permitted at senior centers in some counties. Violations of the gambling laws is a misdemeanor offense and conviction can result in a jail term ranging from 6 months to one year or a fine between $200 and $1000.

Land Based Gambling In Maryland

The broad definition of gambling does not mean that all forms of gambling are illegal in the State of Maryland. Maryland has licensed casinos as well as a state lottery. The state lottery was started in 1973. In 1996, the state became the first state to offer the Mega Millions lottery. Today the Maryland lottery offers 6 single state games and two multi-state lotteries - Powerball and Mega Millions. Pari-mutuel wagering and a host of charitable focused gambling are also permitted in the state. It is possible to play online poker and/or online casino games in Maryland without breaking the state's gambling law.

Laws Concerning Gaming Events In Maryland

A qualified organization can legally conduct a gaming event for its exclusive benefit if no one is benefited financially from the event or receives any proceeds from the event for personal use or benefit. A qualified organization can also offer prizees in the form of money or merchandise at such gaming events using any gaming device.

The definition of a gaming event under Maryland gambling law includes bingo games, carnival, bazaar, raffle, benefit performances and other events at which a gaming device is used. The following organizations are considered as qualified organizations under Maryland law and can legally conduct a gaming event:

Where Does Maryland Stand On Legal Online Gambling?

So far no law has been passed by Maryland to regulate or specifically prohibit online gambling. Earlier this year, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley vetoed a plan by the state's Lottery and Gaming Control Agency to introduce online lottery. Maryland is one of the few states to allow telephone wagering on horse races. The state also allows limited-stakes card rooms. There are currently not any state based or US based online gambling options for Maryland residents. However, there are multiple legal, secure and legitimate online gambling sites that are located, licensed and regulated outside of the United States. These sites offer high quality options including Maryland online casinos and sports betting sites accepting Maryland players. While online poker seems to be the most accepted potential option to be legalized in the US by most states, currently the only Maryland online poker brands remain to be those located and regualted outside of the United States.

Federal Statutes Affecting Maryland Online Gambling Laws

There are no federal laws that regulate online gambling in the United States. In fact there is no federal law that makes it illegal to participate in online gambling in the United States. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 does not affect persons who play online poker. The Federal Wire Act applies only to sports betting and not online poker or online casino gambling.

Maryland Gambling Laws

We have also included a link for our visitors who desire to review the exact laws and statutes surrounding Maryland gambling laws. You can find the laws in their original language here: State of Maryland Gambling Laws.

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