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Nebraska Online Gambling Laws

Nebraska features one Tribal compact as a part of the Nebraska gambling laws, and while that is not enough to provide a wide range of gambling entertainment opportunities, we could look on the bright side and comment that it is better than nothing at all, right? Following is a comprehensive guide designed to assist players with gaining an understanding of how the Nebraska online gambling laws affect the industry and their access to legal online gambling opportunities. There are multiple online platforms that players enjoy participating in, including Nebraska online poker, casino gambling, and sports betting. The information to follow will help players understand the legality of gambling and online gambling in the state of Nebraska.

Nebraska gambling law has a very simple definition of gambling. Any bet that involves something of value on a game or event with an element of chance qualifies as gambling. All forms of gambling except those permitted by law are illegal. Players and those involved in the operation of gambling can be charged with promoting gambling. Under Nebraska gambling law there are three degrees of promoting gambling:

Nebraska gambling law requires that the person knowingly participate in an illegal gambling activity to be charged with gambling. The person must be aware or should reasonably be aware that the gambling activity in which he is in involved in is illegal. Operators of illegal gambling activities can face additional charges including possession of gambling devices and collection of gambling debt.

Nebraska Gambling Laws Concerning Online Gambling

The law in Nebraska does not address the issue of online gambling. This means that there are no state laws that legalize operating an online gambling site within the state, nor are there any laws which prohibit players from participating in legally licensed and regulated Nebraska online gambling sites which are located outside of the United States. Players from Nebraska and the US in general have had access to legal offshore online gambling sites for years. A few of the most secure and reputable options are found through our guide, and cover a variety of platforms including Nebraska online casinos, poker rooms, bingo halls and Nebraska online sportsbooks.

History of Nebraska Online Gambling Laws

Nebraska has a long history of gambling. In the 1800s settlers, traveling hunters and miners indulged in gambling. In those days, Omaha was a major gambling center. The first attempt to prohibit gambling came in 1887 when the legislature passed a law to prohibit gambling houses in Omaha. This however did not put a complete stop to gambling. It simply went underground. Horse racing made its debut in 1895 as a legitimate form of gambling. By the early 1930s gambling was under the complete control of the mob and the laws were rarely enforced.

In March 1935 Nebraska legislature legalized pari mutuel wagering. The State Racing Commission was set up subsequently to regulate betting on horse races. It was only in 1986 that the first race track opened in Nebraska - The Bluffs Run Greyhound Park. The state has six race tracks that permit betting on live races and simulcast events. In 2010 the state legislature vetoed a proposal to allow race tracks to have slot machines.

The legislature also shot down a proposal to allow non-track facilities to offer simulcast betting on horse races in and out of state. In 2012 in an attempt to preserve the Lincoln facility, the legislature passed a bill allowing the Lincoln simulcast racing facility to remain in Lincoln regardless of whether live races were being offered. By law, all facilities are required to run at lease one live race every year. Failing to do so will result in cancellation of their simulcast betting license.

The Governor vetoed the bill. In the same year, Senator Launtenbaugh moved bill LB806 that sought to allow players to place bets on past horse races on video terminal machines that would be set up at licensed racetracks and details of past races would not be visible to the betters. The State Attorney General held that such machines were unconstitutional and the Governor simply refused to sign the bill. Senator Launtenbaugh then introduced bill LB590 in January 2013 seeking to authorize pari-mutuel wagering on pre-recorded horse races. The bill wants voters to decide whether licensed racetracks should be allowed to have instant racing terminals. The bill has been postponed indefinitely.

Nebraska State Lottery Gambling Laws

In 1992 the voters voted in favor of establishing the state lottery. The legislature passed the State Lottery Act the very next year. The state uses Nebraska lottery funds and a universal services fund to support innovation and technology development for the K-12 sector. While Nebraska, has permitted private concerns to operate the instant game portion of the lottery, the vast majority of lottery operations are conducted by the state itself.

Nebraska Charitable Gambling Laws

Charitable gambling in the form of bingo was legalized in 1958 when non-profit associations were allowed to conduct bingo games. In 1967 raffles, lotteries and gift enterprises were legalized for charitable and community betterment purposes. Lotteries include Punch Boards, Power Ball, Pull Tabs, Pickle Cards and Keno. Associations conducting charitable gambling must obtain a license from the Nebraska Department of Revenue.

Social and home poker games are legal as long as there is no entry fee and no prizes for winning. There are no casinos in Nebraska other than Indian casinos. Most of them do not offer poker. However it is legal to play poker at Indian casinos in Nebraska offering poker.

Federal Laws Concerning Nebraska Online Gambling

While Nebraska law is silent on the issue of online gambling, Federal laws do not prohibit playing at online gambling sites that are legally licensed, regulated and located outside of the USA. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 does not prohibit players from participating in legal online gambling, it simply places regulations on how online gambling related transactions can be processed by gambling site operators and payment processors. It actually was designed to make online gambling safer, not eliminate it.

Nebraska Gambling Laws

Gamblers who are interested in reviewing the Nebraska gambling laws in their entirety are invited to visit the Nebraska State Legislature where you will find t official documents in their original language and context.

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