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When one hears the word casino, Las Vegas instantly comes to mind. Sin City is the gambling mecca of the United States, and one of the leading gaming destinations in the world. Nevada casinos are among the most luxurious, exciting, and beloved gambling brands in the industry. As you may already know, legislation was recently passed legalizing Nevada online poker gaming. Several of these legal poker websites have launched, and their emergence has served as one of the pioneer efforts to bring legal, US based online gambling to American players. State officials recognized that billions of dollars were being sent overseas to trusted offshore gambling sites which welcome US players, and decided that they would like a piece of the pie as well. At this time, legal Nevada online casinos were not included in the gambling legislation, and players do not have access to state based online casinos. This guide is intended to serve as a helpful resource for Nevada players to learn what legal online casino options are indeed available to them, and how to participate in this type of online gambling entertainment legally. In addition to providing information surrounding online casinos, our guide also includes information about online poker, Nevada online sports betting, and Nevada online bingo gaming.

Are There Legal Nevada Online Casino Options For Players In The Silver State?

This is a two-fold question, and requires a two-fold answer. If you are asking this question concerning online casino options that are licensed and regulated by the state of Nevada, then we have to say no, at least for now. It is currently not legal to operate an online casino within the state of Nevada. However, if you are wondering if there are Nevada online casino options in general for players, then the answer is a resounding yes. There are multiple legal online casinos which accept Nevada players and which are licensed and regulated outside of the United States, These online casinos provide a secure and legitimate online gambling experience for players from Nevada, and the US in general. There are no state or federal laws which prohibit players in Nevada from participating in these types of legal offshore online casinos. Our team of professionals has put together a list of the trusted, legally licensed and certified online casinos which accept players from NV, and which are subject to strict regulatory oversight be a respected governing jurisdiction. Until Nevada adds casino gambling to their approved list of legal online gambling venues, these sites will continue to be the primary source for online casino gambling for players.

How Do I Know If An Online Casino That Accepts Nevada Players Is Safe?

One option for finding safe and secure online casino gambling is to consult a resource guide that was created by industry professionals, such as this one. We have placed each gambling brand presented in this guide through an intensive review process that systematically takes apart each and every element of an online gambling operation, and evaluates it for legitimacy, safety, reliability, performance, and quality. Yes, this is a very involved process which takes a great deal of time and effort, but it is also extremely necessary if you intend to ensure that you only participate in Nevada online casino gambling at legally licensed and certified gambling sites which provide the highest quality of online gambling possible. As professionals who have been in involved in online gambling for decades, we know precisely what to look for and where to find it. Even many experienced players may not have the range of knowledge necessary to effectively locate pertinent information that may prove critical in determining the legitimacy of an online gambling brand. As trained experts we also have access to certain areas of information not always shared with the public. We combine our extensive evaluation with feedback from players and other industry professionals to determine the reputation of any particular brand, which weighs in on our overall determination of a brand's value.

Unfortunately, there are predators, unethical, rogue, and simply low quality online gambling sites out there. Some of these sites are designed to steal your money or your identity, while others simply lack the professional approach that ensures high quality and a safe experience. While they may not steal from you, they don't do enough to prevent others from doing so. The one thing these undesirable brands have in common is that they appear initially to be a professional and high quality brand. Thanks to dedicated website designers, it is often difficult to find the red flags which demonstrate a site's danger zones, and sites that should be avoided can blend right in and appear to be first class operations, when in fact they are among the undesirables. This is the primary reason to rely on professionals who know how to spot these types of operations, and steer you away from them. The brands we feature all provide a legitimate, legal, and safe gambling environment. At such time that the state of Nevada decides to include casinos in their online gambling offerings, they too will go through the vetting process to determine how well they can compete with the existing online casinos that have been servicing Nevada players for years.

Here is a sample of just some of the elements we evaluate when reviewing a Nevada online casinos:

Legitimacy: is the brand legally licensed and certified, and are they subject to regulatory oversight by a recognized and respected governing jurisdiction? We look into what compliance certifications are in place, and if they voluntarily subject their operation and software to regular auditing and testing of their RNG technology and fair gaming practices by independent third party auditors.

Safety: what type of security profile is in place? We require that any online casino we play at or recommend to others employs the latest in online security protocols, to include data encryption, SSL coding, fraud prevention systems and a trained technical team to monitor them, and antivirus and firewall technology. We expect an online casino that is truly focused on player safety to exceed licensing requirements and employ a security profile that rivals world class financial institutions.

Consistency and Reliability: what type of software platform is in place, and is it reliable? We test the software platform for consistency and reliability on both its front end and back end functionality. We even try to break the software through aggressive play and creative challenging of the system. We want to see smooth, fast gameplay that does not experience glitches, or connectivity and performance issues. We look at the reputation of the software platform and what type of testing and built in security is present.

Performance: It is only after we confirm the above mentioned elements that we even bother testing performance. As experienced gamblers, we know what players enjoy and expect to see in their online gambling experience. We test the performance of the games extensively, including an evaluation of the features and player tools available. We then test the performance of the brand's customer support to determine how knowledgeable and responsive they are, and how they deal with and resolve issues. When you are putting your money in their hands, you want them to be competent.

Incentives: does the brand offer players incentives and rewards to attract and retain players? While it is not the most important element, bonuses and player incentives can play a large role in how far your money goes at any online casino. We evaluate the offers and the terms for each offer to ensure that they are attainable and reasonable. We can spot phony incentives that are too good to be true and impossible to acquire due to unreasonable wagering requirements, and would consider any brand offering these types of phony offers as illegitimate and unworthy of anyone's business. If they will be unethical with their bonuses and promotions, they will be unethical in other areas as well.

While this is just a sampling of the data we examine, you get the idea that it is a complex and labor intensive process that requires specific knowledge and skill to complete.

When Will We See Online Casinos That Are Licensed and Regulated By Nevada Become Legal?

We anticipate that once Nevada feels comfortable with the recently launched legal online poker leg of the gambling industry and how it operates, and sees the generous revenue increases that come with legalizing online poker, that they will not tarry long in adding casino gambling to their repertoire of Nevada online gambling offerings. This is a little more controversial as the existing land based casinos worry about how it will impact their revenue should more convenient online access to online gambling become legal. NJ has proceeded with legal online casing gambling, and other states like Nevada will be watching them closely to see how it impacts their land based gambling industry, and how successful they are with providing this type of option to their residents and visitors.

Are There Any Federal Laws Which Prohibit Nevada Online Casino Gambling?

No, there are not any federal laws which prohibit players from participating in state based and regulated online casinos, or legally licensed and certified online gambling sites which are regulated and located outside of the United States. The UIGEA bill of 2006 does not prohibit online casino gambling by US players, but rather places strict regulatory oversight on how online gambling transactions can be processed. This law does not address players, but rather focuses on gambling site operators and payment processors. The federal government has left it up to the individual states to determine their own destiny concerning online gambling. You can learn more about Nevada online gambling laws to understand what is and is not legal for Nevada players.

Are There Any Downsides To State Sponsored Nevada Online Casino Gambling?

While Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey have all led the way and legalized online gambling in some form, locale restrictions still apply which limit access to their gambling offerings to players who are located within the state's boundaries. This means that players located in other states cannot access their online poker rooms and casinos, dramatically limiting their player base when considering the US as a whole. It will be interesting to see if the laws are modified in the future to provide access to players located outside of their respective territories, or if they stick to this restrictive model. Limited access is the only real downside to state sponsored online gambling. By adding gambling sites that are licensed and regulated by the state, Nevada online casino gambling selection is expanded and competition becomes more dynamic, which is always a good thing for players.

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Land Based Casinos Located In Nevada

While we have listed some of the most popular brick and mortar casinos in Las Vegas, there are far too many casinos in Nevada to list them all. For a list of casino options in addition to what we have listed here, visit this complete list at Wikipedia.