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Nevada Online Gambling Laws

State of Nevada Gambling Laws are usually not questioned much as Las Vegas is resoundingly considered the gambling mecca of the USA. The state of Nevada has always had a liberal approach to gambling. Even before gambling licensing regulations were enacted, gambling prohibitions were rarely enforced in the state. In 1931 the state legalized gambling and the first gambling license was given to Northern Club in Las Vegas. Since then gambling has and continues to remain a major source of revenue for the state. This page is dedicated to helping players understand where Nevada stands legally concerning online gambling, and where to find information on what legal Nevada online gambling options are available.

Land Based Gambling Laws In Nevada

Under Nevada law, gambling is the activity of dealing, operating, carrying on, conducting, maintaining or exposing for play any game that is played with dice, cards, equipment or any electronic, electromechanical or mechanical device or machine for money, checks, property, credit or anything of value. Nevada law is silent on playing such a game. The law lists about a dozen such games as examples. Poker is one of the games listed as an example. Nevada law focuses more on cheating in a game. The law virtually covers almost all forms of cheating. Cheating is a category B felony under Nevada law. A felony crime is punishable with a jail term of more than one year or a fine exceeding $1000. The state of Nevada has many regulated casinos with most of them located in Las Vegas along a 4 mile stretch popularly known as the Las Vegas Strip. In fact Nevada is the only state in the entire United States that allows casinos on a state wide basis. Casinos in other states are restricted to certain geographical areas or reservations. There are slot machines at airports and grocery stores across the state. Some of the largest poker tournaments in the world are held in Las Vegas.

Nevada Gambling Laws Concerning Lottery

It may seem strange but the State of Nevada does not have a state lottery. This is because of a decision made by the state legislature over 50 years ago. The legislature had to decide whether the state would be a region that allowed lotteries or a region with casino style gaming. While lotteries are banned in the state, charitable drawings held by schools, boy scouts and local Elks' clubs are permitted provided the organizers seek and obtain approval from the State Gaming Control Board.

Nevada Online Gambling Laws Explained

When it comes to online gambling, Nevada leads the nation. Earlier this year when other states were busy discussing plans to regulate online gambling, At this time the law does not include legal Nevada online casinos or Nevada online sportsbooks. Nevada fast tracked legislation authorizing online poker. As a result of this legislation, the nation's first state based, licensed and regulated legal online poker operation was launched from Las Vegas. The site allows players to play online poker with real money. The site is open 24/7. The legislation has placed certain restrictions on online poker. To legally play online poker in Nevada, the player must be at least 21 years old and must be physically located within the state of Nevada. Sites based in Nevada offering online poker must ensure that these two conditions are met. Presently online poker can be played in Nevada on personal computers with bets as little as a penny. The accounts can be funded using MasterCard, wire transfer and checks. At present Nevada online poker is available only to players based in Nevada but efforts are on to allow players from other states to take part in online poker games hosted from Nevada. This legislation also allows the state to enter into online gambling agreements with other states.

In June this year, the Nevada legislature passed Assembly Bill 360. This bill which was passed unanimously allows the state to negotiate and enter into online gambling agreements with other countries as well as tribal governments. In fact the bill permits the state to negotiate with any government body having authority over gaming and gambling activities. The bill also paved the way for writing regulations which would allow people outside the state to take part in online gambling on sites hosted in Nevada.

Are There Federal Laws Which Impact Nevada Online Gambling Laws?

There are no federal laws that override the Nevada legislation legalizing online poker. The Federal Wire Act does not apply to games of poker. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 does not regulate or prohibit playing online poker. It is only concerned with the processing of payments from an online gambling activity. The UIGEA law also does not prohibit Nevada player or any USA players from participating in online gambling at legally licensed, regulated and secure online gambling sites located outside of the United States.

Nevada Gambling Laws

Following we've provided a link to access the genuine Nevada gambling laws and statutes via their official legislature website. Accessing this resource provides you with the opportunity to review the statutes in their official language. Source: Nevada State Legislature Website

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