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It is accurate to say that when it comes to gambling, New Jersey is definitely in the spotlight. As the first state to launch a state sponsored online casino gambling suite as well as a state licensed New Jersey online poker platform, they are under the microscope of every single other state who is contemplating taking the leap themselves or who is looking for a reason not to. NJ's Internet gaming offerings certainly surpass both Nevada's online gambling and Delaware's online gambling options at this stage of the game, which are the only other state sponsored programs at this time.

The launch of these additional gambling opportunities for New Jersey residents and visitors has gone extremely well, allowing New Jersey gamblers to have the best of both worlds. Between Atlantic City and their new online gambling industry, New Jersey players really have it all. This page is dedicated to explaining the various options, limitations, and the infrastructure that make up the many facets of New Jersey online gambling.

We will cover all relevant topics, including the brick-and-mortar options available to players, as well as the online gambling opportunities, both state-based and those which are licensed and regulated outside of the United States. New Jersey gamblers truly have a significantly robust range of gaming options to choose from, certainly more than anywhere else in the US as of this writing. This page will also reflect industry changes and updates as they occur. NJ state officials are currently in discussions with other states and with potential European partners in hopes of expanding the state's reach with online gambling to other parts of the country and the world. They hope to do this by developing an interstate structure so that players in other states, or nations, can access NJ's online gambling offerings. This situation will bear watching and may set new precedence in the industry. The types of venues covered in our guide include New Jersey online casinos, online poker, and online sports betting for NJ players.

What types of gambling options are available to players in New Jersey?

Gamblers in the Garden State are able to choose from a variety of gambling platforms that provide legal and secure gaming options. These possibilities include a thriving brick-and-mortar casino gambling region in Atlantic City, recently launched state-based, licensed, and regulated online casino and poker gambling options, as well as legally licensed and regulated offshore gambling sites that have been providing legitimate gaming opportunities to players in New Jersey for years. In listing just the online gambling options, New Jersey players have access to participate in casino game wagering, poker gambling, sports betting, and online bingo action. NJ players really are not subject to many cumbersome limitations or restrictions concerning their gambling entertainment. I imagine that players living and/or visiting the state are pretty pleased with the multiple opportunities they find are available.

What is the difference between state-based online gambling and offshore online gambling?

New Jersey players have two viable online gambling segments of the industry available to them. One option is the new state-based online gambling which was launched late in November of 2013. The state-based gambling opportunities include online casino games and online poker games which are offered through existing brick and mortar casino businesses located in Atlantic City. There has been a strong player response to the launch of these new sites, and everybody seems pretty pleased with how things are going on this front thus far. In addition, New Jersey players have access to multiple secure, reputable, and legal online gambling sites which are located overseas. These sites are subject to the same type of regulatory oversight that the state-based gambling sites are subject to. The range of choices is a little bit wider with these offshore brands because they also include sports betting and bingo game options. They are able to offer these additional types of gaming because they have been legalized within the governing jurisdiction that provides the licensing and regulation. Regardless of whether you choose local or overseas opportunities, it is clear that New Jersey players have a nice selection of gambling destinations at their disposal.

Is it legal for New Jersey players to gamble at legitimate online gambling sites located outside of the United States?

There is currently not any state or federal law which makes it illegal for New Jersey players to visit and/or participate at offshore gambling sites which are legally licensed, compliance certified, and subject to regulatory oversight by legitimate governing jurisdictions. The introduction to state-based online gambling within the state of New Jersey does not eliminate the relevancy of the legal online gambling sites which have been taking care of players in New Jersey for quite some time. The state sponsored online gambling platform simply expands the range of options available to players. This should drive a competitive environment in the online gambling industry in New Jersey, which means that the sites based in New Jersey and those based out of the country will both be trying to get the attention and affection of New Jersey gamblers. This is simply the nature of the business, and competition is always beneficial to the players, who will likely see enhanced incentives being offered from both sides. So to answer the original question, it is not illegal for New Jersey players to participate in legal gambling sites that are located offshore. If you would like to learn more about the legal side of things, then you can visit our section dedicated to New Jersey online gambling laws.

How do I know if a specific New Jersey online gambling site is legitimate?

No matter where an online gambling site is located, the first thing we do is verify that a brand is legally licensed and holds up to date compliance certifications which are issued by legitimate governing bodies. Once we verify this, we then take a look at their security protocols which should always include advanced SSL coding, data encryption, firewall protection and fraud prevention. Optimally, they will also employ a trained technical team to monitor these systems. The next critical element in determining the legitimacy of a specific gambling site is by evaluating their software solution for a consistent and reliable performance that delivers an overall high quality experience, a banking suite that processes transactions timely and efficiently, and a customer support staff that is knowledgeable and responsive. Lastly, we look at their bonus offers to ensure that their wagering requirements are reasonable. If all of these components check out, then we consider a brand legitimate and worthy of further investigation to determine their overall quality.

The review process that we utilize is intense and requires a certain level of industry knowledge and expertise. A good option is to consider is to rely on a trusted and respected gambling resource guide such as this one. The information is compiled by industry professionals who take their job very seriously. Relying on expert input can help ensure that you only reach the safest, most trusted, and highest quality online gambling destinations available to New Jersey players. The brands that you see listed at the bottom of this page have all been personally vetted by our team, and have been designated as legitimate gambling options which provide a safe and reliable gaming environment.

Where can I find additional information about New Jersey online gambling?

Our guide concerning NJ gambling covers a variety of relevant platforms. At the top right of this page you'll find a menu listing our additional topical guides concerning the state of New Jersey. These pages address both the online gambling niches as well as brick-and-mortar opportunities. For example the New Jersey online casinos page covers viable online casino gaming along with providing a listing of the popular physical casino locations that you can visit in the state and direct access to their websites. We are committed to providing all of the relevant and up-to-date information on a specific topic that genuinely assists players in making informed decisions. We consider this guide to be comprehensive and a great deal of research and hard work has gone into creating it. We hope that you find it beneficial on multiple levels.

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