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New Jersey Online Casinos

The New Jersey casino industry is comprised of both brick-and-mortar casinos and online casino locations. This state certainly has more casino gaming opportunities than any other state in the country at this time. Not only do they have a world-class gambling destination in Atlantic City, but they have also recently launched multiple online casino sites which are licensed and regulated by the state. In addition, residents and visitors to the state also have access to legally licensed and regulated NJ online gambling sites which are based outside of the United States. There is enough variety here to appeal to the masses. Their state-sponsored New Jersey online casino gaming which launched in November 2013 has received a very warm welcome from New Jersey players. There are plenty of out-of-state gamblers who are green with envy. In most states the real challenge lies with finding any available and legal opportunities to participate in, particularly with the confusing political and legal online gambling landscape that changes day to day. However in New Jersey the hard part is deciding which legitimate brand to try first.

What does state sponsored online casino gambling mean for NJ players?

Essentially what it means is that the selection of legal online casinos available to players in the Garden State has just been expanded exponentially. The state-sponsored options which launched in late November 2013 are each administered by a trusted physical casino brand that is located in Atlantic City. Several of these new online casino websites also offer New Jersey online poker options. The state is allowing the existing brick-and-mortar casinos first dibs at being licensed in order to offer state-sponsored online gambling without harming the existing land based casino industry. For some time now there have been legally licensed and regulated online casinos that are secure, honest, and reputable, and that have been providing their services for US players for years, including those who live in New Jersey. These sites are located outside of the United States where online gambling has already been made legal. Non-USA regions such as Canada and Europe embraced the online gambling industry some time ago.

Until November of last year, these legitimate offshore casinos were the only option for New Jersey players. Now that state-sponsored casinos have been added to the equation, it is likely to develop into a fiercely competitive environment where both sides of the industry are clamoring to attract players from NJ. A wider range of options is never a bad thing, and by doubling the number of choices available to players, the industry is guaranteed to expand. It is important for players to understand that although the state-sponsored and offshore brands are competing with each other, neither platform renders the other irrelevant.

Why don't I see any of the New Jersey state-sponsored gambling sites among your recommended brands?

The state based online casino brands now available for NJ residents are still very new. It will take a little time for us to develop a working relationship with them and for us to complete our extensive reviews of each brand. As mentioned before our review process is very detailed and requires a great deal of time and effort when done properly. As with any new business launch, industry experts give them a little time to work out the kinks before you do a professional review. It is only natural for us to extend this type of professional courtesy to these new casino websites, though we have begun preliminary evaluations.

The brands which you do see featured in the table below have all been in operation for an extended time period, most of them for several years minimum, and there has been ample time to develop a working relationship with them and to carefully review their legitimacy within the industry. As we complete the review process and form cooperative relationships with these New Jersey casino brands, they will certainly be added to our guide. And while we have not yet completed a professional review on any of them at this point, we are pleased to say that we have not heard much negativity surrounding any of them. Not including them in our guide as of yet does not mean that we have officially eliminated them as a featured option, it simply means that we are still in the process of evaluating their worthiness for inclusion.

Can New Jersey players legally gamble at any online casino that accepts US players?

That is a little bit of a loaded question. It is not illegal for New Jersey players to participate in online casino gaming at either state-sponsored online casinos or legally licensed and regulated online casinos which are located offshore. There are not any federal laws or state laws which prohibit you from doing so. However, we would like to remind you to that just because an online gambling site accepts USA players, does not mean that they are legitimately operating within the industry. We encourage you to restrict your gambling participation to those brands which have been reviewed by industry professionals and have been officially designated as legal, secure, and reputable options.

The only type of player access that holds limitations and/or restrictions is required by law from the online casinos which are licensed by the state. These sites are only available to players who are living in or visiting the state of New Jersey and are physically located within its borders. The casinos do have location verification technology installed in their software solution to ensure that this restriction is adhered to. Most legitimate offshore online casinos which accept players from the NJ usually accept players from anywhere in the United States. You can learn more about the legalities surrounding online casinos in our section of this guide focuses on New Jersey gambling laws.

How do I find the safest and most reliable New Jersey online casinos?

Because we are still in the process of reviewing the state-sponsored online casinos, our response to this question will be related to the legal online casinos located outside of the United States. We believe that our review process must be 100% complete before we attempt to comment on the quality of any of the new online casinos operating within the state. Once we are ready to present this information, you will see it posted to this page. The most effective method for selecting a safe and reliable online casino that welcomes players from New Jersey is to rely on the expertise of a professional online casino resource guide, such as this one. We only recommend online casino brands which have been extensively reviewed by our team of professional online gamblers.

As long time players ourselves, we know precisely what is involved in determining the legitimacy and quality of any online gambling site. By restricting your offshore casino access to those brands which we have listed in the table below, you are ensuring that you only reach industry leading online casino destinations which provide an extremely safe and secure gaming environment as well as an overall high quality gaming experience. The alternative is to vet these brands through a review process yourself. Most novice players are unfamiliar with where to locate some of the most critical information, and even experienced players may not have the connections necessary to get inside information concerning specific aspects of the operation. Regardless of which option you go with for selecting your online casino destination, due diligence is a critical and nonnegotiable piece of the pie.

The online casinos you see listed below are the results of our intensive review process and a significant amount of hard work. You will also see that we included brand specific bonus information as well as direct, one click access to each of the websites to ensure your secure connection to legal online casino gambling. You will see the state-sponsored casino options added to the table as we complete our reviews of each brand. In the meantime, our legal offshore recommendations will provide you with legitimate online casino access. For the brick and mortar die hard, you will find access to the websites of some of the popular land based casinos located in Atlantic City.

Legal New Jersey Online Casinos
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