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Oklahoma Online Gambling Laws

We created this guide to provide helpful information to residents and visitors to the state of Oklahoma who are interested in learning what legal Oklahoma online gambling options are available, as well as what land based gambling opportunities are out there. We cover information on state laws, federal laws, and a range of venues, including Oklahoma online casinos, sports betting, poker and bingo, and land based casinos and poker. Many players were left a bit uneasy regarding online gambling after the 2011 black Friday DOJ investigation into some prominent online poker sites. Some players just aren't sure what is legal and what isn't anymore, and how the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act affects them and their gaming options. Our job is to help you navigate through the information and determine the best options for your personal situation.

General Oklahoma Gambling Laws

The state of Oklahoma has strict laws to regulate gambling. Under Oklahoma gambling law, even a perception of chance is sufficient to constitute a bet. The law defines bet as a bargain in which a party agrees that based on chance or one in which a party has a valid reason to believe that based on chance, one of parties to the bargain stands to win or lose something of value as agreed in the bargain.

The law does not specifically define gambling. However Oklahoma gambling law has a specific charge called the opening, conducting or carrying on gambling game. Opening or causing to be opened or conducting whether for hire or not or carrying on poker, craps, roulette or banking or percentage or a gambling game using cards, dice or any other device for money, credit, checks or anything of value can result in the charge of opening, conducting or carrying on gambling game. Anyone who whether for hire or not deals with anyone engaged in poker, craps, roulette or banking or percentage or a gambling game using cards, dice or any other device for money, credit, checks or anything of value will also be charged with opening, conducting or carrying on gambling game. Opening, conducting or carrying on gambling game is a felony charge.

While most state laws do not specifically provide for any penalty for those who engage in illegal gambling as mere players, Oklahoma gambling law reserves a lesser charge for those who are just playing the game. Engaging in an illegal gambling activity as a player is a misdemeanor offence and conviction can result in a jail term of 30 days. Those convicted of running an illegal gambling business can face up to 10 years in jail. Spreading information that can be used for making or settling bets is a felony offense.

History Of Oklahoma Gambling Laws

Betting on horse races was common amongst the Native Americans who inhabited Oklahoma. In the late 1800s saloons began to spring up across the state. Patrons could gamble on poker and roulette at these saloons. Gambling continued to flourish in the state and continued until the 1920s when oil was discovered in the state. The citizens then began asking the government to control gambling. The following decades saw laws being passed to regulate and control gambling in the state. Today the state has many forms of legalized gambling including charitable gambling, pari mutuel wagering and casinos.

Oklahoma Poker Gambling Laws

Most state laws make an exception for home poker games by limiting the amount of money involved or attaching certain conditions such as no raking of the pot by the house or no entry fee. Oklahoma gambling law does not provide any such exception for home poker games. The law also does not directly address online poker. However playing online poker may run afoul of Oklahoma gambling law. The law makes it a felony crime to disseminate gambling information by any communication facility that transmits or receives bets. It is also illegal to operate an online gambling site, including an online poker site, within the state of Oklahoma. Due to this, players should restrict their online poker gaming to legally licensed and regulated Oklahoma online poker sites which are located outside of the United States within governing jurisdictions which have already specifically legalized online poker gambling. There are no state or federal laws which prohibit players from participating in these types of legally licensed online poker games. We recommend that you avoid any type of online poker site that is operated within the state of Oklahoma until such time that the state legalizes state based online poker to ensure you are not ensnared into participating in an illegal poker operation.

Oklahoma Horse Race Betting Laws

Oklahoma legalized pari mutuel wagering on horse races in 1982. Off track betting is also legal in Oklahoma. Racing venues in the state are permitted to have gaming machines. There are four racing venues in the state. Three of them are racinos.

Charitable Gambling Laws in Oklahoma

Charitable gambling is permitted in Oklahoma. There are many licensed charitable bingo halls across the state. Alcoholic Beverage Law Enforcement Commission regulates charitable gambling in the state through the Oklahoma Charity Gaming Enforcement Division. The law does not allow the use of poker for charitable gambling.

After the Congress passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act in 1989, the state of Oklahoma negotiated gaming compacts with many of its Indian tribes. The first such compact was signed in 1992. In 2004, the first of the nearly 30 Class III gaming compacts were signed. Today there are a number of Indian casinos and gaming halls across the state. Licensed casinos in the state offer poker.

Oklahoma State Lottery Laws

Oklahoma is a late entrant to the lottery scene. The voters approved the establishment of the Oklahoma state lottery in 2004 and the tickets went on sale in 2005.

Federal Gambling Laws Affecting Oklahoma Players

Federal law does not prohibit participating in legal online gambling. The Wire Act applies only to sports betting while the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act deals with the processing of payments from illegal gambling activities. While multiple states have begun to legalize online casino and poker gambling, sports betting options have yet to be included in state sponsored platforms. Sports fans can still enjoy Oklahoma online sports betting at the legally licensed and regulated sites located outside of the USA.

Oklahoma Gambling Laws

Anyone who is interested in reviewing Oklahoma gambling laws and statutes in their entirety, you can visit the State of Oklahoma Government Website where you will find the official documents in their original context.

**This page is intended for informational purposes only and is not designed to serve as or replace any type of professional legal services, advice or interpretation of a law or statute. If you are seeking professional legal services, then we recommend you contact an attorney.