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Iowa's Best Online Bingo Sites For 2024

Iowa State Flag IconIowa has numerous legal gambling destinations within the state and a history of attempting to legalize certain forms of online gambling.  Despite not having legalized state licensed online gambling yet, many residents are surprised to find out that patronizing Iowa online bingo sites is actually 100% legal to do. Online bingo played with real money falls under the category of online gambling and is subject to that same legal oversight as all other forms of online gambling.

With that said, it also remains legal for Iowa residents to take part in as long as the bingo site is licensed, regulated and located offshore. This is the same criteria for other forms of legal Iowa online gambling, including casino, poker, and sports betting.

This guide was created to help citizens in Iowa understand the legal details for themselves so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not USA online bingo fits into your perferences for gambling entertainment. We also provide information about legal online bingo sites that welcome bettors from Iowa, how bingo has evolved through the online platform, and what you can expect when you participate in bingo through offshore destinations.

Bingo has some unique nuances that give it a very different presence than other forms of online gambling in the US, and that also integrate the social component that bingo players love.

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    Top Rated Online Bingo Sites Accepting Iowa Players For June, 2024

    Bingo IconWe are a team of industry insiders that have been within the legal online gambling industry as it has changed throughout the decades. We have independently reviewed these websites to provide the best examples of industry leaders to give you an idea of what to expect out of the websites that you choose.

    Each bingo hall is properly credentialed by the sanctioning bodies that regulate them within the proper jurisdictions and have developed highly positive commercial reputations throughout the world.

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    Is Real Money Online Bingo Legally Allowed In Iowa?

    Lawbook With GavelPlaying online bingo for real money in Iowa is considered gambling online. Most people readily think that because US based online gambling hasn’t been legalized in most states in the US that it is illegal in every sense, but they are wrong. United States gambling laws do not prohibit Americans, including those in Iowa, from playing online bingo at legally licensed and regulated online bingo sites.

    There is also nothing in Iowa state gambling laws that prohibit this. It is not legal to own or operate an online bingo site in Iowa at this time, however, being a customer at legally regulated online bingo websites that are located internationally remains 100% legal for American citizens from Iowa.

    Iowa Online Bingo FAQs

    What Games Can I Play At Online Bingo Sites?

    There are several types of bingo that are available for residents of Iowa to play. 90-ball bingo is also known as “UK Bingo”. The game has nine columns and three horizontal dividers with 15 numbers on the card, five of which are in each line. In “UK Bingo” you first play for a single line, then another line for two lines, and then for what’s termed as a “full-house”. Another variation most traditionally played in the US is 75-ball bingo. 75-ball is played with five horizontal dividers spread across five columns.

    In 75-ball bingo, the winner is the first to cover a predefined pattern, whether it be static, wild or coverall. 30-ball bingo is played on a card that has three columns and three horizontal dividers. With a much smaller card, these games tend to run a lot faster than other bingo games. The last version of bingo that is you likely to encounter is 80-ball bingo. 80-ball bingo usually has a card that will house four columns with four horizontal lines and plays slower than 75-ball but faster than 90-ball.

    As bingo has gone through the process digitization it has enjoyed some improved features like “auto-daubing”. Auto-daubing is a feature that automatically daubs your cards for you to ensure that you never miss a number and your chance to win. In the presence of this new feature, chat games and side games have been migrated into the platform to keep avid bingoers entertained. The bingo games take place in cleverly designed chat rooms.

    During the bingo games and in between, players have the opportunity to enjoy chat games.  These games are overseen by a moderator and offer players the chance to win additional money and prizes.  Other side games include a small selection of slots, roulette, blackjack, pull-tab games and scratch card games.

    Can I Play For Free At Online Bingo Halls?

    Yes, you can. Playing for free is a good way to relieve stress from the day without any financial burden. It’s also a great way for newer players to learn the new interface to the system and what and where to click when playing online without having to risk any money in your learning phase. Even experienced players will have the obvious need to learn how to play bingo online even if it’s just for one game before you start buying your cards. We highly recommend you try the games out before risking any money in them.

    Are There Online Bingo Bonuses For Players?

    The bonuses that are offered by bingo websites offer an attractive incentive to try them out, which is the whole point of the bonuses. Iowa online bingo enthusiasts will be greeted with the industry standard welcome bonus whenever they reach a new site they wish to register with. On your first deposit, you will be given the chance to increase your deposit amount with their welcome bonus. It usually takes the shape of a percentage match bonus where they will take the whole or part of your first deposit and match it to add to your account.

    At the sites that specialize in bingo specifically, those welcome bonuses are usually a lot larger and come with some added benefits. On top of those welcome bonuses, any top-tier site that wishes to stay ahead of the competition will also have a whole host of other bonuses and promotions for you to take advantage of while you are a member with them.  The offers can change daily, and usually include free bingo cards or penny buy ins.

    Can I Play Real Money Bingo Games From My Mobile Phone?

    Absolutely. Anyone from Iowa, no matter the device, will be able to access legal online bingo sites wherever they can find service. Downloadable apps are not neccessary.  All of the bingo sites you see here offer web based, mobile optimized applications that utilzie resopnsive technlogoy to allow you to access their website from your smartphone or tablet.  You can simply navigate your device’s browser to the website and play seamlessly and access your account information without hassle.