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West Virginia Online Bingo

West Virginia Flag iconWest Virginia is home to several brick-and-mortar domestic bingo halls. These bingo halls serve up traditional bingo game styles with paper cards, daubers, and vocal moderators calling out the numbers.

For WV online bingo options, players must utilize licensed offshore gambling sites rather than state licensed options due to lack of legislation legalizing the regulation and operation of domestically licensed online bingo. This guide specializes in licensed offshore West Virginia online bingo sites and clearly explains their legality.

Is Offshore Bingo Legal In West Virginia?

Legal Icon - GavelWest Virginia’s gambling laws do not explicitly ban the local use of licensed offshore online bingo sites as per the law's language. As far as domestic online gambling goes, West Virginia has not produced legislation to date which would legalize, regulate, and allow for the licensing of domestic online bingo platforms. Using licensed offshore gambling sites is the best avenue to find legal online gaming entertainment in terms of bingo for WV residents.

Leading Online Bingo Sites For WV Players

Casual searches for bingo sites may not lead players to the most legitimate and credible sources like the licensed offshore online bingo sites recommended here. In fact, US federal and state laws require offshore gambling sites to be licensed and regulated by an authoritative government and located in an offshore jursidiction to be considered safe and legal online gambling avenues. Our team has ensured the licensing, credentials, regulatory compliance, and security measures used at each of the listed brands below.

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How Do WV Laws View Bingo?

Current WV legal statutes permit authorized forms of bingo and raffles in physical venues but not domestically offered online. Physical venues hosting bingo games can be through charitable organizations or licensed bingo halls. Online bingo gambling is currently illegal from a domestic standpoint, though licensed offshore bingo sites are considered legally acceptable for West Virginia players to utilize.

Where Can I Play Bingo In WV?

There are a number of bingo halls littered throughout the West Virginia landscape. These halls mainly stick to traditional bingo, but it is possible to find other promotions or forms of entertainment. The list of the most popular bingo location includes:

  • Redmen Bingo – Huntington, WV
  • Mountaineer Life Lines Inc – Bluefield, WV
  • NVFD Bingo Hall – Newell, WV

Which Bingo Games Are Featured In Offshore Sites?

Licensed offshore bingo sites typically host a robust selection of bingo games. These include progressive jackpot bingo games, themed games, timed games, and bingo variations such as 80-Ball, 95-Ball, etc. Licensed offshore bingo sites also can offer bingo games with bonus rounds, side games, and bingo chat games.

What Are Bingo Side Games?

Side games are a unique component of licensed offshore WV bingo sites. These are mini-games that kick off in the waiting period between online bingo rounds. They can be in the form of keno, slots, or perhaps another casino favorite.

Chat games are another item to look out for on licensed offshore online bingo platforms. These games operate within the chat lobbies of bingo games. In between games, the moderator will host a mini game like a quiz or poll that could lead to more winnings.

Would Online Bingo Be Included In Domestic Online Casinos?

Possibly. West Virginia is currently considering domestic online casino offerings via ending legislations, which would undoubtedly have slots and table games, but bingo is another question. Since online bingo is growing increasingly popular, it is possible that the local government would look at including bingo in their domestic online casino gambling scheme. However, this decision could also come down to the local casinos hosting web clients which means the answer remains unclear until legislation is passed.

How Do Bingo Bonuses Work?

Bingo bonuses vary in their generosity and timeliness on licensed offshore bingo sites. For example, players may encounter promotions that only run for a day or an hour. More commonly, players will find promotions based on bingo tournaments and match bonuses that add to their initial deposit. Some bonuses provided by licensed online bingo sites include free bingo cards and/or penny cards. Mobile users can often take advantage of additional bonuses specified for mobile users exclusively.

Players looking for bonuses can also find them with other licensed offshore online gambling services such as WV online casinos, WV online sportsbooks, and WV online poker.

What Are The Penalties For Running Illegal Bingo Games?

Anyone operating an unlicensed state-based bingo or raffle game is guilty of a misdemeanor and could face fines up to $1,000 and/or up to a year in jail. The same punishments can be applied to someone who knowingly allows their residence or business to be used to host an unsanctioned bingo, raffle, or lottery style game.