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Missouri Online Gambling Laws

This guide is designed to help players navigate the confusing maze of intricacies when it comes to Massachusetts online gambling laws. The information below will provide you with a clear and concise overview regarding the legality of Missouri online gambling, focusing on the most popular range of venues that include Missouri online casinos, poker rooms, bingo halls and Missouri sports betting sites. We'll address state laws, federal laws, and present the details to you in a manageable way. We've also provided access to the official documents that make up the Missouri state constitution so that you can review the laws and statutes for yourself.

Early settlers brought gambling to Missouri. Gambling flourished in the state and the authorities did not enforce the gambling laws until the mid 1900s. Under Missouri gambling law, gambling is an activity that is unlicensed by the state and requires the person to risk or stake something of value on the result of future contingent event or a contest of chance which is not under his influence or control. Participating in an illegal gambling activity is a misdemeanor offense.

Missouri Social Gambling Laws

Missouri permits certain forms of gambling. Social gambling - gambling in private between people with a genuine social relationship is legal and does not require a license. However there can be no "house" in social gambling. As long as a home game of poker does not have a "house" and is being played by persons with a genuine social relationship, it will be legal in Missouri

Missouri Gambling Laws Concerning Professional Players

Missouri gambling law has a term called "professional player". This term refers to a person who has earned at least twenty percent of his or her yearly income in any of the previous 5 years from illegal gambling. Being a professional player is a class D felony crime in Missouri. Persons who profit from the operation of an illegal gambling activity can face misdemeanor or felony charges depending on the nature of the operation. The law defines "operation of an illegal gambling activity" in a very broad manner. Possession of a gambling device is a crime. The definition of gambling device is also very broad and can include chips and cards used in a card game.

Missouri Online Gambling Laws

Missouri gambling law does not regulate online gambling. There is no law in Missouri that specifically prohibits the playing of online poker, online casino games, or bingo. There are laws that outlaw operators of online gambling sites. Because of this, players are advised to restrict their online gambling activities to legally licensed and regulated online gambling sites that welcome players from Missouri but that are located outside of the USA, such as the legal and trusted Missouri online poker sites, casinos, and sportsbooks featured throughout this guide.

Missouri River Boat Gambling Laws

Some of the funding for schools in the state came from the state's share of gambling revenue. Voters approved so-called river boat gambling in 1994. But the boats could not cruise up and down the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, because of Corps of Engineer regulations. Thus, gambling interests built structures on moats or backwaters close to the rivers. Due to a mistake in the wording of the bill, games of chance were not allowed until 1998.

By law, gamblers on the boats may not lose more than $500 per visit. Though the law is an effort to stem addiction to gambling, it is a controversial one that gambling advocates would like to see change. Not surprisingly, legalized gambling spawned a number of organizations to combat gambling addiction. With the opening of a boat on the Boonville river front in 2002, Missouri had twelve casinos along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Missouri subsequently amended the 1992 law legalizing riverboats, leaving it up to the individual cities where the boats were located to decide if the boats cruised or remained dockside. However, all the boats located on the Missouri River must remain dockside because of navigational problems.

The boats (cruising and dockside) conduct two-hour gambling sessions/cruises with scheduled starting and stopping times. In 1997, the state supreme court ruled that games of chance (slot machines) were illegal. The issue was resolved through a statewide referendum in November 1998, allowing slots on the "boats in the moats." Missouri has one Indian casino. It is operated by the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma. It is legal to play poker at casinos that offer poker. In fact poker is a staple on riverboat casinos in Missouri.

Missouri Lottery Gambling Laws

A state sponsored lottery also became an aspect of Missouri life. The ban on the Missouri state lottery was lifted in 1984 after an overwhelming number of voters voted to remove the prohibition on state lottery. The first ticket was sold in 1986. A year later, Missouri joined the Multi-State Lottery Association.

Missouri Charitable Gambling Laws

Charitable gambling is permitted in Missouri. In 1980 the state legalized bingo making it the first legalized form of gambling in the state. Other games that are legal for charitable gambling purposes include merchandise coin boards, pull tabs and other no charge promotional events. Casinos in the state cannot offer bingo. Only qualified licensed charitable, religious, veteran, fraternal and service organizations can conduct charitable gambling. For those who want to engage in a non-charitable bingo game, there are several legally licensed and regulated Missouri online bingo sites located outside of the USA.

Efforts To Legalize Online Gambling In Missouri

There is no bill on internet poker or internet gambling pending in the Missouri legislature. However some of the casinos in the state are pushing the government to pass legislation to regulate online gambling. There is no federal law that prohibits the playing of online poker or casinos games. The 2006 UIGEA bill was designed to regulate how online gambling transactions are processed, and does not address or prohibit player participation.

Missouri Gambling Laws

Those who are interested in reviewing the official documents that represent the Missouri state laws and statutes can visit the State of Missouri Website where you will find digital copies of all of the official documents in their original language and context.

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