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Georgia's Best Online Poker Sites For 2024

Georgia State FlagGeorgia online poker gambling provides the state's residents with an outlet to legally enjoy poker gambling without violating any of the state's stringent restrictions surrounding the game. In even some of the more conservative states in the country, a harmless game of poker in your home with friends isn’t outlawed. In Georgia, however, you can get a misdemeanor offense for that harmless game and if they really go digging, you may end up with a felony.

This hasn’t stopped bar owners and other public venues from holding poker nights. it’s just served to show them how to accomplish it. They use the poker nights as marketing strategies to get customers in the door while the poker nights pay off in the form of alcohol and food sales. They aren’t legally allowed to charge any fees for the actual playing of poker and the prizes are all “free giveaways” at the end of the night. It shows that even in the one of the most conservative states, people will still find ways to enjoy certain things, including enjoy  Georgia online sports betting, poker, casino games and bingo.

In the face of the state sanction poker prohibition in Georgia, there remains a handful of options for poker players to use legal online poker rooms provided by offshore sites. In fact, offshore gambling sites provide all current and legally sanctioned Georgia online gambling opportunities. While escaping the legal jurisdiction of the US federal government seems nefarious, gambling operations in the state of Georgia have been doing this for years.

There are two gambling cruises that take off from ports on the east coast of Georgia that travel out into international waters to host the games that would be otherwise illegal in their home state. The legal offshore websites are essentially doing the same thing without ever returning to the dock.  The majority of reputable and legal USA online gambling sites are offshore operations.

This guide was created to provide the information that you need to make sure that you are choosing the right legal offshore providers that have the proper regulation and hold the appropriate licenses. Here, we will show you the industry standard in online poker rooms and what you should expect from you online poker provider.

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    Best Online Poker Rooms That Accept Georgia Players In June, 2024

    Top Rated Sites TrophyFor over 20 years, our team of industry insiders have been vetting websites and testing software capabilities to give you the clearest and most inclusive picture of the sites that we have chosen to recommend. Our endorsement does not come easy as our analysts have painstakingly taken apart each detail of these website’s regulations and licensing to ensure that they abide the strictest fair play policies and have up to date compliance certifications relevant to their Random Number Generators.

    Outside of the technical and legal qualifications, we have doubled checked on the customer reliability ratings and the reviews from third party websites to provide this list of endorsed websites for you to use as a stable in your search for the one that suits you the best.  We have a similar guide for Georgia online casinos, sportsbooks and bingo sites as well.

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    Is It Legal To Play Online Poker For Real Money In Georgia?

    Lawbook With GavelYes, it is perfectly legal to play online poke for real money in Georgia. The federal legislature regarding online poker in the United States doesn’t specifically criminalize the people who choose to partake in this activity. It only demonizes the people who would look to profit off the industry physically from the United States. The online poker rooms that are available in other countries that have legal jurisdiction and offer their membership to citizens of America are 100% legal to use and enjoy for residents of Georgia.

    The way that the US government has wisely decided to deal with this in America is by not offering the proper regulation that these companies require. This has forced them out of the country seeking the proper regulation to stay in reputable standing with the financial institutions that they regularly do business with.

    So, let me reiterate: playing online poker that has been provided by legally licensed and properly regulated online poker rooms that are physically located in proper jurisdiction that are outside of the United States is 100% legal in every state except Washington.

    What Real Money Online Poker Games Are Available For Georgia Players

    Poker Table IconThe  online poker games selection for most online poker rooms has continued to grow throughout the years and all the variations of poker that you can think of have been digitalized for the internet.

    Texas Hold’Em, for those who don’t know is a form of poker where you are dealt two cards and have to make the best possible hand out of the 5 community cards that are dealt in three separate betting stages known as “the flop”, “the turn”, and “the river”.

    In Omaha, another form of poker you can readily find on the internet, you will be dealt four cards of which you can use two to make the best hand possible with three of the five community cards. 5-card stud poker is the first form of poker that most people learn and dates back to the time of the civil war. In 5-card stud there are no community cards and all the betting rounds are done as you receive your full hand in betting phases.

    Americana poker is played with a 32-card deck and is considered a variant of 5 card stud because it mirrors the play but had no cards at the value of 6 or lower. All of these iterations of poker are available at legal online poker rooms accepting players from Georgia, as well as some additional varieties, such as Caribbean Stud Poker or HORSE.

    Can I Download Poker Software Onto My Desktop Or Laptop Computer

    This has been one of the main turning points in the competitive poker universe. It has allowed professional poker players to multiply the amount of hands they can see per hour by as many hands as they can fit on their computer screens. Some professional poker players will see over 10,000 hands a day compared to something like 20 hands a day at brick-and-mortar casinos.

    This is all due to the online poker software industry which is fueled by websites like the ones we have in our recommended list. The legal offshore online poker rooms that are available to residents of Georgia have been one of the most influential outside benefactors to the world of competitive poker because the industry led to the creation of online poker software.

    Can I Play The Games For Free In Georgia?

    Poker Table IconThe free play option is rare at most top-notch online poker rooms because the demand of the industry doesn’t expect it and there are several logistical problems with placing bets and playing with other people in free play games.

    Despite the fact that it’s rare, it is still available at some places as they offer the chance to play in live games with other real people for what they term as “play money”. You will be able to enter into games where you are given (a probably unlimited) amount of hypothetical “play money” to make bets and test out the system with. This can be extremely helpful to even veteran players as they can use this to test new betting strategies and methods to win. It’s also available for people who simply don’t want to bet any money and prefer to play just for fun.

    There are also other options to play for free at legally regulated offshore poker sites and you may be able to actually win some real money. One of those options is the “no deposit bonuses”. Which these bonuses you can get a certain amount of free chips that have real money value to play with on the basis that you met certain predefined wagering requirements. If you meet those requirements, you may be able to cash out a profit with them.

    Then there are the freeroll tournaments. These are special event tournaments that are offered by all the major brands in online poker that don’t require a buy in and offer special prizes to the winners. This is another way you might be able to get away with a profit without spending any money at all if you’re good enough!

    Are There Online Poker Bonuses For GA Players?

    High Roller Gambling IconThere is the previously mentioned “no deposit bonus” that is available to all residents of Georgia, but there are also many more.

    The main bonus that will concern you when choosing the right legal online poker website is the welcome bonus. All the major websites offer these so it would benefit you to do some shopping around to see which welcome bonuses you like the most.

    They all have slight variations but typically come in the form of a percentage match bonus that will take that percentage of your first deposit or your first couple of deposits and match it to offer you bonuse funds to play more games at their website.

    An example would be 50% match bonus up to $1000, which means if you deposit 100 dollars, you will be given an extra 50 dollars in chips to play poker with.

    Can I Play Real Money Poker Games From My Mobile Device In GA?

    Mobile Casino On Phone IconMobile poker is here and it has a lot to say. The responsive technology that has been made specifically for the internet has made mobile poker rooms available for any device and all operating systems.

    There are web apps created in HTML5 that make Windows and Blackberry smart phone users able to access the browser based games. You can also find all the downloadable apps for online poker rooms that have been made available to Android and iPhone users as well.

    Banking Methods Open To GA Residents Who Play Poker For Real Money

    Credit Cards IconWhen you finish your registration, these websites all make it pretty easy to find the web cashier in order to make your first deposit. It’s there that you will see the options for both deposit and withdrawal.

    Usually speaking, you will see Visa and MasterCard as options for deposit among a few other international credit card options. You can also expect Bitcoin to be an option and it’s probably the easiest option to use with online gambling websites because the online gambling industry is actually how Bitcoin started out. Some websites go further out of their way to convenience you than others, but you can expect some bank-to-bank and person-to-person wire transfer methods and it’s not even uncommon for there to an option available for mailing checks via post and sent by courier.

    The poker withdrawal options are usually very similar to the deposit options inside the same website. Major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard can be used as withdrawal methods if you’re from the United States so make sure you read the fine print on the method that you chose to use to receive your winnings. They will have processing time estimates and processing fees associated with them that vary. That’s one of the main advantages of using Bitcoin, there are none of either with the digital currency.

    The History Of Poker In GA

    In the history of Georgia, there have always been a lean towards the more conservative approaches to life. The gambling history is checkered with crack downs and arrests as the states origin was actually one that hosted plenty of gambling activities. Although it was still deemed illegal it was largely unregulated and operated without consequences in the early years of our nation.

    When the consequences came in and started to be enforced, there was a period of time where there were many arrests and raids on previously thought to be legal (even though they weren’t) gambling establishments that had thrived there in the years before. Throughout the years, Georgia has stood resistant to most forms of change in gambling legislature and stands today as one of the most stern states on gambling laws.