New Jersey Reps Appeal Congress To Examine Sports Betting

LoBiondo & Norcross

Representatives Frank LoBiondo and Donald Norcross (republican and democrat, respectively) have asked Congress to hold hearings regarding the prospect of legalizing sports betting. Both representatives are out of New Jersey, which is currently in the middle of a legal battle over the same topic with the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and NCAA. That particular case …

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Monster COO Looking To Make A Difference In US Online Gambling

Fred Kililian

Gambling has always a been an incredibly lucrative market for those who have the capital to start off in the industry. Gambling sites that accept players in the United States are an entirely different beast. Despite the fact that US citizens can legally gamble at online websites regulated outside of the United States, there very …

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Pennsylvania Budget Deal Falls Through, As Does Online Gambling

Pennsylvania state budget

Pennsylvania legislators attempted to restructure their budget via a revenue package, but the House failed to successfully pass it through. The proposed budget was supposed to leave room to fund a state regulated online gambling network, but that will have to wait in light of this legislative failure. While USA online poker and casinos are …

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