Microsoft Ready for Legal Sports Betting Future

Microsoft logo with sports balls

Technology giants have become increasingly interested in US online gambling, specifically in creating predictive sports-betting software. A lot of buzz has generated around Microsoft’s recent filing for Patent No. 0125691, which is designed to be a real-time online transaction and wager processing software. This patent will be part of a monumental change expected to happen … Read more

NFL’s Power Struggle Could Affect League

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

The NFL is a powerful organization—there is simply no denying that. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has arguably too much power and has managed to upset players, owners, sponsors, organizations and more. He is often considered the most powerful man in all American sports. Goodell is currently in the news for a dispute between him and … Read more

Pennsylvania Ready To Go In On Sports Betting

Pennsylvania State Legislature

Pennsylvania made an ambitious move by becoming the next state to allow legal online casino and poker gambling. They also have shown they are ready for a legal sports betting framework, as the recently passed legislation includes provision for a locally regulated sports gambling network. While residents can still find legal online betting through United … Read more