How The AAF Is Focusing On Technology To Revolutionize Sports Betting


The Alliance of American Football (AAF) is a new football league that launched a week after Super Bowl 53 in February of 2019. Despite low game attendance, the amateur league entertained about 3.25 million television viewers on their opening Saturday. The leagues long-term business plan is said to be focused on sports gambling data and … Read more

Showtime Is Bringing Professional Sports Betting To Mainstream America

Showtime's Action docuseries

On March 24th, 2019, Showtime is set to release “Action” a docuseries about professional sports betting in the United States after the federal repeal of the PASPA act. Action will be a behind the scenes look at professional gamblers, bookies, handicappers, and oddsmakers during the 2018 NFL season. The docuseries will expand across four episodes … Read more

Gambling Is Predicted To Be The Fastest Growing Industry For The Empire State Until 2026

Statue of Liberty in front of a casino

Yahoo Finance has recently reported that the fastest growing industry for the Empire State will be the gambling industry in 2019. This conclusion is based on statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BSL) and projections from the Projections Managing Partnership (PMP). The PMP is a government-backed combination of business that produces state labor market … Read more