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Nevada is probably considered the most gambling friendly state in the US, particularly with their famous Las Vegas gambling destination and their recent move to warm up to online gambling options. Having recently launched state licensed and regulated Nevada online poker sites, US gamblers are watching with interest to see where this all leads to. The natural next step would be to set their sites on Nevada online casino gambling, though it is not currently in the works at the time of this writing. With Nevada online gambling pioneering the industry along with Delaware and New Jersey, and the entire platform being uncharted territory for the US brands, it is easy to understand why they would choose to do this one venue at a time. However, with New Jersey launching a full suite of online casino gambling for their residents and visitors, a little bit of pressure is placed on Nevada to expand their options sooner rather than later.

This guide is designed to address all aspects of Nevada online gambling. From casino gaming and poker playing to Nevada online sports betting and online bingo halls accepting Nevada players. The online gambling industry can be a little bit confusing to navigate through, and our objective is to provide you with accurate and reliable information that assists you in making informed decisions concerning the available platforms as well as the legality if online gambling for Nevada players. Between federal laws and state laws, it is sometimes difficult to understand precisely what is and is not legal. With such a huge range of online gambling brands circulating out there on the World Wide Web, selecting an online gambling option that is secure and legitimate can be overwhelming to say the least. Understanding the difference between state based and offshore based operations can determine how and where you can legally access online gaming. It is our hope that once you have reviewed our online gambling guide that you will feel confident that you are well armed to make informed decisions regarding your participation in any online gambling activities.

What Types of Nevada Online Gambling Are Legal?

This is a little bit of a loaded question. First, the differentiation between regulating jurisdictions must be made when discussing the legality of Nevada online gambling. Thanks to recently passed legislation, online poker that is licensed and regulated by the state of Nevada is now legal. However, no such laws have been passed concerning online casinos, sports betting or bingo play. Nevada players who are interested in participating in the casino, sportsbook or bingo venues will need to rely on legally licensed and certified online gambling sites which are located and regulated outside of the United States. There are no state or federal laws which prohibit Nevada residents from participating in those types of legal gambling sites when they are licensed and regulated by a legitimate and recognized governing jurisdiction which has made online gambling legal in their respective territories. We have a section specifically addressing Nevada online gambling laws which will provide more detailed information for players who want to explore that information more thoroughly.

Is Nevada Online Gambling Safe?

Online gambling, such as online poker, which is regulated by the state of Nevada will be closely monitored and audited for fair game play, RNG technology, compliance certification and security profiles by governing agencies whose job it is to ensure the authenticity and safety of the state's online gambling infrastructure and industry. Even with strict regulatory oversight, players are urged to exercise due diligence when selecting a potential online gambling brand at which to play. This suggestion holds equal weight when considering one of the legally licensed and regulated gambling sites which are located outside of the United States. Our team of online gambling professionals is specifically trained in a complex review process that determines the legitimacy and quality of online gambling operations spanning each of the main gambling venues. We have made recommendations throughout this guide, and each of them has been through this comprehensive review process. Below we share a sample of the elements which are examined to determine whether or not an online gambling operation meets the criteria to be considered secure, legitimate, and overall high quality. Should you decide to do your own reviews, these are items that should be on your 'must have' list before accepting any online gambling brand as worthy of your business:

This is just a sample of the many elements that are evaluated before we decide to play at or recommend any online gambling brand. Naturally it gets more game specific depending on the venue. We test every single element of an operation to determine that it is legitimately operating within the industry and providing the most secure and genuine online gambling experience to players. A safe gambling environment is paramount to your experience, while overall quality determines your enjoyment. We know where to dig to find this information whereas the casual or even experience player may not be aware of the entire range of an online gambling operation.

What Makes Nevada Online Gambling More Beneficial Than Land Based Options?

While those who live in or near Las Vegas are fortunate indeed, it isn't always that easy for everyone to visit land based brick and mortar locations in order to enjoy gambling options. Online access will provide an opportunity for many more players to participate who otherwise would not be able to enjoy this type of entertainment. You save money that does not have to be designated on travel expenses and lodging, and you have convenient 24/7 access from the comfort of anywhere you have an Internet connection, either on your computer or mobile device. While nothing can compare to the atmosphere on the Vegas Strip, the convenience and flexibility that online gambling offers is also pretty significant. Another perk you'll find via online gambling is in the form of bonuses and promotions. In order to compete for your business, nearly all online gambling sites offer players welcome bonuses, reload bonuses and special promotions. I have to say that not on any of my visits to Vegas was I offered free money by any of the casinos.

Below you will find a listing of legitimate, secure and trusted online gambling brands which our team has approved. Each brand underwent extreme scrutiny using the above described review process to determine its worth. We are all registered players at each of them as we believe in putting our money where our mouth is. We don't recommend any brand that we ourselves don't actively participate with. That's just how we roll.

Legal Nevada Online Gambling Sites
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Lucky Red Casino 400% up to $4000 Curacao RTG Visit
Slots.LV Casino 100% up to $5000 Kahnawake RTG Visit
SunPalace Casino 400% up to $10K Antigua RTG Visit
Vegas Casino Online $3000 free bonus Antigua RTG Visit
Las Vegas USA $3000 free bonus Antigua RTG Visit

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