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While there has been some movement forward with legalizing online gambling for US players in some states on some platforms, nobody thus far has been able to get legalized state based online sports betting to fly. New Jersey made a valid effort, but it was shot down and they are now being sued by various professional sports associations, such as the NFL, NBA and NCAA. The outcome of the lawsuit may determine if they try again at legalizing online state based sports betting sites in NJ. As of the writing of this page, no other states have yet attempted to move forward with this platform. There are however multiple legally licensed and regulated Nevada online sports betting sites which are located outside of the United States that welcome players from Nevada, and the US in general. Nevada online poker is well on its way to success with recently passed legislation, however Nevada online casinos and sportsbooks remain a bit more on the fence as far as state based options go.

We have developed this guide to ensure that bettors have access to all the information necessary to make informed decisions regarding what the best Nevada online gambling options are, and which ones are legal and available in a secure and safe betting environment. We will take a look at what the Nevada gambling laws say, and how to determine the legitimacy of any online gambling brand or website. This is particularly important with no state regulated options available. Below we will address several topics which will clear up any confusion or misconceptions surrounding the sports betting industry, as well as how federal gambling laws come into play. Lastly, we will provide information about legal online sports betting sites that have been vetted by our team of online gambling professionals.

Are There Legal Nevada Online Sports Betting Sites?

To be perfectly honest, I would have to say yes and no. Not to confuse the matter, but it really is a two-fold answer. Currently, it is not legal to operate an online sports betting site with the state of Nevada. There are no state laws however which prohibit online sports betting at a legally licensed and regulated online sportsbook which is located outside of the US. There are in fact several legitimately licensed and certified online sportsbooks which are operated out of a jurisdiction which as legalized and regulated online gambling within their respective territories. The key is in finding the reputable and secure options from among the list of sportsbooks, something that we will address in detail below. There are also no federal laws which prohibit participating in a licensed and regulated online sports betting site. The primary federal law affecting online gambling is the UIGEA bill, which simply places strict regulatory oversight on how online gambling transactions can be processed. The law is directed at operators and payment processors, and does not affect players or participation in online gambling.

How Do I Find A Legitimate and Legal Nevada Online Sportsbook?

One option for ensuring you only visit legitimately legal and secure sports betting sites is to rely on the input of industry professionals who are trained in recognizing the red flags that indicate an undesirable sportsbook brand, as well as the quality components that indicate a reputable and high quality sports betting site. Following we will share some of the elements we evaluate to determine a sportsbook's legitimacy and quality. While this list does not include every single component that is tested in our review process, it is a sample of some of the most critical points of interest that can qualify or disqualify any brand from inclusion in our guide.

We verify a site's licensing and complacence certifications to ensure that their user interface and fair gaming practices have been approved and are subject to strict regulatory oversight. We require any brand we list in our guide to voluntarily subject themselves to regular auditing and testing by third party industry authorities.

We closely scrutinize every sportsbook's security profile, such as their SSL coding, encryption technology, fraud prevention systems, anti-virus and firewall protection, and their technical staff which is trained to monitor all of these systems. We are not satisfied with security profiles that simply meet licensing requirements. We expect an online sports betting that is legitimately concerned with protecting the sensitive data of their players to be committed enough to exceed industry standards and employ the highest possible security protocols.

Once we determine that the site is operating legally within the industry and is highly secure, then we start looking at performance and software stability, efficiency of the customer support staff, banking suite processes, and the rewards and incentives offered to players. We aggressively evaluate these components and determine if they meet our stringent requirements for inclusion in our guide. If they successfully passed our stringent review process (which includes scads of additional testing and evaluations), then you will see them listed at the bottom of this page.

What Types Of Betting Lines Can I Expect To Find At Nevada Online Sports Betting Sites?

The legal sports betting sites we include in our guide all provide a substantial selection of betting lines that cover not only the primary popular sports events, such as NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA and NHL, but also motor sports, MMA and boxing, tennis, golf, soccer, rugby, entertainment, political events, and celebrity gossip. That's enough selection to make both sports fans, political buffs and pop culture fans happy. Each sportsbook also has their options that reflect the less popular events that may have enough interest to include, but may be off the beaten path enough to offer you a brand new sports even to learn about. Some sportsbooks include horse racing in their platform while others offer a separate race book on their site. Reputable sportsbooks also all offer a variety of wagering options to use on their betting lines, ranging from single outcomes, parlays, live in play betting, and others. It is also becoming very common to find mobile versions of sports betting site's available so that you can bet on the go. Just be sure the mobile site you access is tied to a reputable brand, such as the ones below.

Is Nevada Online Sports Betting Risky?

To be clear, when we say risky, we are referring to the potential risk of loosing your bet, not risky as in dangerous or questionable. All gambling is risky. That is the inherent nature of the act of gambling. Sports betting is one venue where you will be given the odds ahead of time and you are able to do valuable research on players, teams, past performances, schedules, and other aspects to make informed wagers. This is an element that is not present in other types of gambling. Yes, you may be risking whatever money you used to place your bet, but you are also weighting your research findings, options and the odds for the best possible potential. If you are opposed to the risk, then gambling may not be the best form of entertainment for you. If the risk makes your heart beat a little faster and the butterflies buzz in your stomach, then the risk might just be the most fun part of your sports betting participation. It should always be done in a nature of fun, and with strong bankroll management strategies in place, just as you would utilize in casino or poker gambling.

Legal Nevada Online Sports Betting Sites
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