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Alaska's Best Online Sports Betting Sites For 2024

Alaska State IconFinding a team to bet on in Alaska can be tough. There are no professional sports teams and only a very limited amount of college programs that are worth following. That doesn’t mean that residents in AK don’t like sports, it just means that the million dollar franchises have yet to move to the Alaskan frontier of collegiate and professional sports.

Alaska online sports betting opportunities offer lines on sports teams from around the world, so following teams outside of the state can be rather simple. Alaskans act as sports betting free agents that can choose any team that they like without being afraid of being called “bandwagoners” because of the lack of sports in their state. This opens a particularly unique scope in AK for sports gambling on the internet, and really for gambling online in Alaska in general.

In this online sportsbook gambling guide, you will be able to find all the information you need on the legality of sports betting in the US and the peculiarities that come along with it. We will provide a list of recommendations as examples of the most popular and reputable sources in the industry and explain what popular bonuses and promotions to look for. You’ll also be able to find information on advanced betting features like live betting, in play betting and mobile betting.  We offer similar resource guides for Alaska online casinos, Alaska online poker and Alaska online bingo.

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    Top Rated Alaska Online Sportsbooks For July, 2024

    Top Rated Sites TrophyWe review the most trusted online sportsbooks that accept Alaska players. Each sportsbook has been individually reviewed and vetted by each member of our technical team for compliance certifications, Random Number Generators, legal licensing and regulation, and a physical location outside of the US.

    These are the sites that we use personally and refer to our families and friends and that’s the reason that we have included them in this guide.

    Bovada Sportsbook Logo
    Bovada Sportsbook


    BetUs Sportsbook logo
    BetUS Sportsbook


    Mybookie Sportsbook Logo
    Mybookie Sportsbook


    Betonline Sportsbook Logo
    Betonline Sportsbook


    Xbet logo
    XBet Sportsbook


    Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Alaska?

    Lawbook With GavelBetting on sports over the internet is totally legal in the state of Alaska. There are a few common misconceptions about the US federal gambling laws that stem mainly from a misinterpretation of two laws: The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) and the Federal Wire Act of 1961. Many US sports fans mistakenly believe that these two laws prevent us from participating in all online sportsbook betting.  However this is certainly not the case.

    PASPA was written as a direct result of the lobbying by the major sports leagues in America. It dictates that US based physical sports betting be relegated to Montana, Delaware, Nevada, and Oregon only. This law does not address betting via the internet. The Federal Wire Act was clarified in 2011 in a formal opinion by the DOJ to apply to the internet despite being written before the web was created. The Wire Act makes owning an online sports betting website that’s based in the US illegal. Neither of these laws have anything written in them that has ever been interpreted to impact the better in any way and no citizen has even been arrested for violating them in such a way.

    You can read more about relevant federal laws in our guide to understanding United States Online Gambling Laws.

    So while it is illegal to operate an online sportsbook within US borders, it is not against the law to place bets online as long as where you are placing your bets is a legally licensed and regulated sportsbook that is located offshore.  If your sports betting website is legally licensed and regulated outside of the jurisdiction of the United States it remains 100% legal to use to place sports bets in AK with them. You can learn more about how Alaska's state laws and statutes intersect with federal laws in relation to sports betting from our page covering Alaska online gambling laws.

    What Kind Of Sports Can I Bet On In Alaska?

    Sports Betting IconAny and all sports that you can think of. The sportsbooks that are recommended in this guide offer a vast variety of sports that range from the NHL, MLB, NFL, and NBA to the UFC and boxing, and all the way to rugby cricket and European soccer. You can even place bets on winter biathlons in Germany or cross-country events in Russia and Sweden. If you have a sport in mind that you think these sportsbooks won’t have coverage of, we encourage you go check the sports book yourself and you might be surprised.

    Signup Bonuses And Promotions Available At Alaska Online Sportsbooks

    High Roller Gambling IconWhile some bonuses might seem better than others, consider how you bet first! There are hundreds of promotions out there for Alaskan sports betters that all vary in size and application. At most of the reputable providers of sports gambling entertainment you will find a “Welcome Bonus” that will match your first deposit to a certain percentage and then credit you with the bonus cash to use however you deem in the sportsbook.  There are wagering requirements associated with the offers, but that is to be expected. You will be able to find a myriad of additional bonuses and promotions as a longtime member of these sportsbooks as well.

    Can I Bet On Sports In Alaska From My Mobile Device?

    Mobile Casino On Phone IconYou can do anything you want on the internet these days. That includes using your phone to place sports bets while you’re at the bar enjoying the game. Each of the sportsbooks that have recommended through this guide have been optimized for mobile devices and will either utilize responsive technology that detects your specific mobile device and sends you to a mobile optimized version of the site, or the main site itself has been seamlessly integrated into the mobile gaming community anyway.

    Live In-Game Betting Options For Alaska Players

    Yes, there are. The live betting options seem to naturally pair with the mobile options to give you more options while you’re out enjoying the games. The live betting options vary from website to website in sport selection and digital application and we suggest that you check the sportsbook that you have chosen for the specific sports offered and methods and bets that are accepted.

    How Do I Fund My Account And Receive Payouts From AK Online Sportsbooks?

    For new comers to the industry its very simple. You will go through a registration process like you do for any other membership online and then you will almost immediately be directed to an online cashier program where you can make your first deposit. Make sure to take advantage of any welcome bonuses that might be available. Once you’re there you will see multiple US friendly options to deposit funds into your account. Typically, most major websites will accept all major credit cards and bitcoin but those options vary between the websites and we encourage you to check them out for yourself. Other options that are widely available include money orders and wire transfers from book to book or person to person and various other forms of e-currency similar to bitcoin.

    Withdrawals options are normally almost identical to that of a websites deposits options. With withdrawals and payouts, you must concern yourself with understanding the details of the payout. There are processing fees that change based on the amount of the pay out and processing times that change based on the method you chose to use. Bitcoin tends to be the fastest while check by courier, wire transfers and money orders tend to take a little longer.

    Popular Sports Teams To Bet On In Alaska