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Idaho State Flag IconThis page was created specifically for individuals interested in gaining insight into the Idaho online poker landscape. To set the stage on how the Gem State views poker gambling, we've shared an incident that demonstrates it quite effectively. In 2010, 20 elderly poker enthusiasts were told by police that the $20 dollar buy-in poker tournament that they looked forward to every week, was illegal. This happened in Twin Falls, Idaho, in a senior center where a group of anonymous tipsters ratted out the group of seniors while playing a harmless game they didn’t even know to be illegal. Legally, “Social Gambling” is differentiated from the illegal “gambling” charges and usually allowed in most states with some various stipulations. In Idaho however, “Social Gambling” is not legal and thus resulted in the game being shut down. As popular as US online poker has become, there are sadly still regions in the nation that have a very draconian approach to the game.

This is a prime example of what happens all over this country in diverse ways and varying degrees that illustrates that our gambling laws are too complicated and hard to understand. In most states, probably where some of these elderly poker players are from, social gambling is legal. This type of confusion about legalities is one reason we were motivated to create a state by state guide that includes Idaho online gambling information.

This guide is here to help you understand the ins and outs of gambling laws and how they relate to the legally sanctioned options you have as a resident of Idaho to play poker for real money. One option that is still available to ID residents is legal online poker from properly regulated websites that are geographically located outside of the United States and out of the US federal jurisdiction. If those 20 elderly poker fans were all sitting in the same room on computers playing the same game through a website that meets those requirements we just laid out, there would have been nothing illegal for those tipsters to report. This guide will explain to you exactly how it remains legal to gambling online at these Idaho online poker rooms and give you all the details you need to successfully enjoy this type of gambling entertainment.

Are Online Poker Sites Legal In Idaho?

Legal Icon - GavelPatronizing legally regulated and properly licensed online poker rooms that are located outside of America is 100% legal for residents of ID and most of the United States. What is illegal, is operating an online poker site, or any type of online gambling site, within the state's borders. Federally, gambling businesses have to be regulated to generate tax revenue for the state. If a given state has not legalized the industry than it can’t have possibly created the regulatory bodies to regulate it and thus, the business must move somewhere it can find the correct regulation.

The DOJ's 2011 Formal Opinion on the Federal Wire Act clarified that each individual state has the authority to prohibit or allow state regulated online poker businesses. As of this writing there are only three states in the country so far that have chosen to regulate online gambling businesses and those states limit those business’s customers to only residents of those states. For a business to succeed in this competitive market they can’t rely on customers from just one state. To open their markets these businesses have moved abroad to internationally respect gambling jurisdictions in other countries where they can find the regulation they need to offer their services to as many customers as possible. You won’t be breaking any Idaho state gambling laws or US federal gambling laws by using these sites because these laws do not prohibit US citizens or Idaho residents from engaging in legally licensed and regulated online poker gambling entertainment.

Legally Licensed Online Poker Sites Accepting Idaho Players

For over 20 years our team of industry insiders has been analyzing sites like these for the internal requirements of legality and customer service. We methodically examine the details in their licensing, certifications and regulatory oversight to make sure it’s up to date and current, correct and properly applied to international consumers. These websites all have all the proper compliance certifications for pair play practices and the regulation required to operate legally within the industry.

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ID Online Poker FAQs

What Games Can I Play At Idaho Online Poker Rooms?

The game selection among the online poker community is continually expanding more and more each day. The tournaments and new bonus games that are being offered on an almost daily basis is almost too much to keep up with, unless you’re us. These gambling sites feature US friendly online poker games with high, medium, and low stakes that function with all the most popular iterations of poker that people have come to love. There are games in Texas Hold’em, Omaha hi/Lo, normal Omaha, Americana, 32 Card Draw, Stud poker played with 3, 5, and 7 cards and sometimes you will find specialty poker games such as HORSE. Each of these games will be available to you on the sites and in their poker applications that are available for download.

The applications are what really have been pushing the competitive poker scene to the net level over the last decade. Competitive poker players have been able to use the features provided by the digitalization of the game to help them see more hands than ever before. The apps allow the player to play multiple tables multiplying the experience that they can receive in the same amount of time. These apps are usually created by an in-house programmer hired by the online poker company so they tend to all come out unique despite having all the usual similarities. This is one of the main points of competition that we have noticed, find the app you like the best before making your first deposit!

Can I Play For Free At Online Poker Sites?

Anything is possible in the age of the internet. Free play has been problematic in the past for online poker sites but some of them seem to have it figured out these days. One option in the poker applications that we have seen is the toggled button for “play money”. These are games that you will play against other live competitors for fictional money used only for the betting purposes almost like a score board. We haven’t seen this option emerge as an industry wide standard yet, but we are confident that its coming in the future.

There are other options for free play, however, and these might even result in you winning real money. The freeroll tournaments that are offered at legal online poker rooms are tournaments that you can enter without an entrance fee or buy-in. Theoretically, if you play your cards right, you will be able to win profit on these games without losing any of your own money. Then there are the no deposit bonus offers. These offers grant you free chips to use before making your first deposit so you can try out the games without any financial risk to make sure you like the website. If you meet the wagering requirements you may even be able to keep the money you win, which is a win on free money!

Are There Online Poker Bonuses For Idaho Players?

In the realm of international poker websites, the competition has become stiff over the last two decades. The promotions and bonus offers are what these legal online poker rooms use to differentiate themselves from the rest of the herd. You will see all sorts of bonuses and promotions, the most popular of which has become an industry standard and is to be expected at any respectable online poker room. That’s the welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is usually a match bonus that provides you extra free money on your first deposit based on the amount of your deposit. Its usually defined by a percentage, so you might see something like “100% Welcome Match Bonus Up To $500” and what this means is that the website will take your complete first deposit and match the entire thing up to a maximum of $500.

They are willing to do this in order to make you want to patronize their site over their competitors. Another common bonus in legal online poker rooms is the “Bad Beat” bonus. This is when your hand of an ace full of kings or better gets beaten on a fluke at the table. The bonus acts to award you and usually the entire table with some sort of bonus to keep your head up to keep enjoying the gambling entertainment that they are providing. Please keep in mind that there are wagering requirements to adhere to in order to benefit from the bonus.

Can I Play Real Money Poker Games From My Mobile Phone?

As a pretty recent accomplishment for the online poker community, playing online poker with real-money over your phone is now available thanks to the developments in the internet programming community. Web based applications that are mobile optimized have provided the appropriate environment to facilitate mobile poker games. Programmers have been able to install these programs directly to the website to allow you all the access you would want in playing online poker right from your mobile device, no matter the operating system.

What Are the Banking Options?

Visa, MasterCard and Bitcoin are the most available deposit options. Online poker rooms that have limited deposit and withdrawal options are at a disadvantage in the community so most of them will offer as many options as possible. In addition to the most common options of the major credit cards and bitcoin, most of them will also offer you options to make wire transfers with international organizations like MoneyGram and Western Union in both bank to bank and person to person formats. Often times there are also options to mail in a check and to use various other cryptocurrencies. For requesting withdrawals, Bitcoin is certainly the most reliable and fastest, however other options include check by courier or wire transfer.