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Idaho's Top Online Sports Betting Sites For 2024

Idaho State FlagThe Gem State doesn’t have a lot to look forward in terms of sports teams, but that hasn't squelched their spirit for Idaho sports betting. Fans look to the surrounding areas for the teams to support in the major professional sports organizations. So, who does the common sports gambler in Idaho bet on? The Seahawks or the Broncos?

The one thing in sports that the state of Idaho does have is good college football. Boise State University has a massive fan base and commands an impressive amount of support the US online sports betting community. That community, however is still stifled by the popular belief that online sports gambling is still illegal in the state. There are numerous online gambling sites that are legally available to Idaho residents, but many of them are unaware.

That’s where this guide comes in. We have created this guide to inform residents of ID that there are legal forms of sports betting that you may have not previously been aware of. The federal laws that impact sports gambling are strict when they limit physical brick-and-mortar sports betting and even US based online sports gambling but those laws don’t impact offshore betting destinations.

We will explain exactly how you can place sports wagers at legal offshore sports books and what the legal status is for betting on sports specifically in the state of Idaho specifically. Then we will show you some notable examples of legal online sportsbooks that are considered to be the elite players in the industry.

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    Best Idaho Online Sportsbooks And Betting Apps For May, 2024

    Top Rated Sites TrophyOur team of technical specialists have been vetting online sports betting sites for over 20 years. Each of the following online sportsbooks accept Idaho players and are all located outside of US federal jurisdiction and function with all the legal regulation and licensing.

    The random number generators, which are what powers their games, are continually checked for fair play stated according to their regulatory bodies and have been consistent found to satisfy those requirements.

    Bovada Sportsbook Logo
    Bovada Sportsbook


    BetUs Sportsbook logo
    BetUS Sportsbook


    Mybookie Sportsbook Logo
    Mybookie Sportsbook


    Betonline Sportsbook Logo
    Betonline Sportsbook


    Xbet logo
    XBet Sportsbook


    Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Idaho?

    Lawbook With GavelOnline sports gambling is totally legal in Idaho as long as you are selective regarding where you place your bets. It just has to be under the proper conditions. Those conditions are that the sportsbook you are using must be located outside of the United States and licensed within a globally respected gambling jurisdiction that offers the appropriate and legal regulation.

    There are no US gambling laws or Idaho gambling laws that prohibit residents from participating in online sports gambling at legally licensed and regulated offshore sportsbooks.

    Sport gambling is federally outlawed in the United States through two laws: the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act and the Federal Wire Act.  The Wire Act was first in 1961 when the government used the legislation to disrupt one of the main income producers of organized crime, which was illegal sports gambling. Those illegal sports gambling rings where being conducted through the use of wired communications like telegraphs and telephones.

    The Federal Wire Act of 1961 made it illegal to accept any of those bets and gave the federal government the law they needed to go after those criminal organizations that were conducting business that way.

    In 2011, the Department of Justice issued a formal opinion on the outdated law and restated its purpose. “Wired communications” was to apply over the internet as well and the law was meant only to federally limit US based sports gambling and no other forms of online gambling. It’s important to understand that it was never made illegal to place bets, only to receive them via wired communication.

    This means that if the online sports book that you are thinking about placing a bet with is located outside of the United States and outside of US federal jurisdiction you are fully within your right to place any number of bets you desire.

    The second law, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) is another federal law that was put into effect in 1991 and restricts the expansion of brick and mortar bookmaking options in the United States.  Currently there are four regions that are legally allowed to offer state regulated sportsbook gambling at physical locations within their borders. Idaho is not one of them. Of the four, only two states actually offer any type of sports gambling, those being Nevada and Delaware.  Idaho will not be able to regulate any type of land based sportsbooks until such time that PASPA is modified or repealed.

    What Kind Of Sports Can I Legally Bet On In Idaho?

    Sports Betting IconThe industry has set a standard for all the top tier sportsbooks that has simply become a requirement for any bookmaker that wants to stay afloat in today’s market.

    The sports betting sites that we recommend all have seemingly limitless sports options. You will find all the major US sports leagues NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, WNBA, NWSL, NCAA, as well as tennis, golf, motor sports, boxing, UFC, MMA and much much more.

    You will also find a huge range of international sports leagues, events games and matches covered. There are betting options and money lines for almost anything in these sports book even outside of what some people might consider traditional sports.

    The eSports category covers competitive video games that are broadcast to the public that people can bet on like Counter Strike and other online arenas. There are political and entertainment bets, and even money lines available for when you might think Biden will get impeached or what Lady GaGa might wear in her next concert.

    Bonuses And Promotions Available At ID Online Sportsbooks

    High Roller Gambling IconThe sportsbook bonuses are many for residents of Idaho. When you complete your initial registration, you will be directed to the web cashier associated with the website. From there you will be given the banking options and the bonuses that you can redeem.

    The most popular bonus that functions as an industry standard is the “Welcome Bonus”. This is what’s called a “match bonus”. These are the bonuses that will take a certain portion as usually defined as a percentage and matches it for bonus funds to gamble with in the sportsbook.

    You might see something like this: 50% welcome bonus on first deposit. That means that the website will take half of your first deposit and add that to your account in addition to the deposit you made.

    We always recommend that you do some shopping around before decided on a particular brand as the welcome bonuses tend to vary throughout the industry. We also recommend that you read through the terms and conditions which will list the wagering requirements.  All of the sportsbooks you see listed in this guide have been vetted for their bonus offers.  They are all on par with industry standards with reasonable and attainable wagering requirements associated with them.

    All of the primary online gambling venues offer these types of bonuses, including Idaho online casinos and the online poker sites that accept ID players.

    Can I Bet On Sports In Idaho From My Mobile Device?

    Mobile Casino On Phone IconYes you can. All of the websites that have made in onto our list of endorsed sites have made it a priority to have their mobile betting options available on any mobile device. Whether you use Android or IPhone you will have no issues accessing your favorite offshore sports book from your mobile device.

    Some sports betting websites use what’s called a “mobile redirect”. This is code on the homepage that detects your mobile device no matter what operating system is used and send you to an optimizing version of the website. Other websites will already be optimized and offer you access to any of the money lines or account information right away.

    Live In-Game Betting Options For Idaho Residents

    The live-betting options that are offered by all of our endorsed brands will be displayed proudly in the sportsbooks next to the other betting options.

    Mobile betting and in-play betting seem to couple together naturally as most sports fans aren’t sitting at their computers as the games are going on. So, it makes sense that our brands should offer both of these in tandem with one another.

    Most Popular Banking Options Available For ID Residents

    Credit Cards IconThe legal online sportsbook that you choose to patronize will have a cashier system built into their registration process. Once you complete the registration you will be digitally ushered to the cashier where you can make your first deposit. (Keep in mind that you can opt to wait until you've explored their interface, services and options before making any type of deposit.)

    Here you will see all the different options that are available for deposit and withdrawal. At any given website, these banking options tend to be very similar to each other but there are limitations based on where you live.

    The most common options in the industry for depositing money into your account include Visa, MaterCard, Prepaid Cards, Check By Mail, Wire Transfer and Bitcoin.

    For payouts, you will see various options such as Bitcoin, check by courier and money transfers using the world’s most popular services like MoneyGram and Western Union. They usually have options for bank-to-bank transfers and person-to-person transfers as well.