Cavs And Warriors In Fourth Straight Finals Appearance

Lebron and Curry NBA players

At the start of this NBA postseason, there were thoughts that this could finally be the year where we see a different Finals matchup than the Cleveland Cavaliers playing the Golden State Warriors. Multiple teams had promise and showed it throughout the early rounds. However, after two Conference Finals that came down to Game 7, … Read more

2018 Stanley Cup Preview

Golden Nights hockey players

The NHL Playoffs have been an exciting narrative of postseason hockey. After several rounds of exciting play, we finally have our top two teams competing for a Stanley Cup title. On one side, you have the Washington Capitals, a team with arguably one of the best players in NHL history (who has never won a … Read more

NFL Implements Controversial Rule On Kneeling

NFL football players kneeling during Anthem

It looks to be the end of kneeling during the National Anthem for players in the NFL. The league is introducing a new policy that all players and personnel on the field must stand during the National Anthem. If a player kneels then that team and individual player faces fines and possibly other punishments imposed … Read more

Congressional Sports Betting Bill Faces Uphill Battle

United States Supreme Court Building

With a federal bill on sports betting regulation in the preliminary works, sports gambling advocates are wondering if there is any cause for concern. The recent SCOTUS decision cleared states to pass pro-sports betting legislation after nullifying PASPA, but the justices mentioned how Congress could step in and impose federal regulation. Supporters will be happy … Read more

Could Federal Regulation On Sports Betting Be On Its Way?

United States Capitol Bldg

Sports betting is now legal in the United States. The Supreme Court ruled PASPA, the federal ban on sports gambling, unconstitutional and paved the way for states to vote in sports betting legislation. Part of their ruling noted that Congress has the option of creating federal regulation and one Senator has taken that to heart. … Read more

Sports Betting Legalized In The US

The Flag Of The United States Of America

The long-awaited verdict in the New Jersey Supreme Court sports betting case has arrived. PASPA was ruled unconstitutional and has been repealed. The 46 states affected by PASPA are not in the clear to pass legislation that would usher in legal sports betting. A 6-3 vote majority vote saw PASPA be repealed. The majority opinion … Read more

Loot Box Decision Reversed By US Court


Loot boxes are randomized rewards given to players in video games and online casinos. In late March 2018, the US Court of Appeals reversed a Washington state decision that had previously determined that loot boxes were not designated as having monetary value. Now, Washington law must acknowledge that loot boxes, such as the ones seen … Read more