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Florida Online Gambling

Florida online gambling has gained momentum, despite some recent unfavorable activity concerning an illegal online gambling ring operating within the state. This unfortunate illegal activity took place at Internet cafes, a gaming venue that we would highly recommend all players avoid. More often than not those types of operations are shady and prime environments for unscrupulous predators. State law enforcement removed the threat by making these types of operations illegal, though a lawsuit is pending at the time of this writing concerning the constitutionality of this new law. So enjoying Fl online gambling at Internet cafes is out, so what other options do FL players have?

Gambling Options For Florida Players

Florida does offer some legal land based casinos, racetracks, and card rooms, as well as betting on the game of Jai Alai. I live in Florida myself, and while there are a handful of land based casinos and gambling opportunities, none of the really nice ones are anywhere near me, and 9 out of 10 times I opt for secure and reputable online gambling sites which accept Florida players over the expensive and time consuming travel option of visiting one of the land based casinos. The Hard Rock Casino in Tampa is pretty fun, but like I said, its no where near me. I'm pretty grateful that there are some really high quality online gambling options for me to participate in.

At this time, there are not any online gambling sites which are based in, licensed by or regulated by the state of Florida. I participate in both Florida online casinos gambling and also Florida online sports betting, and I do so at legitimately licensed gambling sites which are based and regulated outside of the United States. With several states moving towards legalizing their own online gambling platforms for state licensed and regulated options, including Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, it is possible that Florida will go down this same path at some point. Until then, Florida residents will still have the offshore options available.

What Is Florida's Position On Online Gambling?

Online gambling at Internet Cafe's is strictly prohibited. The law that was recently passed to make Internet Cafe's illegal is a bit confusing and is being legally challenged due to its language being too broad. Operating an online gambling site within the state of Florida is also prohibited. However, there are no state or Federal laws which prohibit players from participating in online gambling sites which are legitimately licensed and regulated outside of the USA, which is what millions of players do. With the monetary challenges that the state is facing, we wouldn't be surprised if additional efforts to legalize online gambling in the state are brought forward due to the positive impact that it could have to the state's budgetary problems. Because Florida is not staunchly anti-gambling, state based online gambling does have some hope of emerging here. We will have to watch and see what happens.

Is Florida Online Gambling Legal Right Now?

Operating an online gambling site within the state of Florida is not legal at this time. There are no Federal laws which prohibit players from participating in online gambling at licensed and regulated offshore gambling sites. Participating in Fl online gambling via legally licensed and regulated sites which are based outside of the US is perfectly legal, and you will not get in trouble for doing so. If you are concerned about the DOJ sting operation in 2011 that targeted several high profile online poker sites, that was because the operators were suspected of not adhering to strict regulations concerning how online gambling transactions are processed. Those investigations targeted the operators and not the players. While some player accounts were frozen during the investigation, players eventually received access to their funds. Players were not the target of the investigation. The 2006 UIGE bill placed strict regulations on the processing of gambling related transactions in order to make the environment safer for everyone. It was not an effort to keep players from participating and enjoying online gambling.

Where Can Florida Players Find Legitimate Online Gambling Options?

This guide was designed to assist US players, including FL residents, in finding legal, legitimate, secure, and high quality online gambling options. Along with casino and sportsbook wagering, our guide also covers Florida online poker and Florida online bingo. Our team of online gambling professionals has put a long list of online gambling sites through an extensive review process to determine which ones should be featured in this guide. We vetted each brand on a variety of elements, including licensing and certifications, security profile, efficiency of administrative processes such as registration and responding to customer support inquiries. We test their banking suite operations, game performance, software reliability, and the speed of their payouts. No virtual stone is left unturned. The results of our research are presented in this guide to assist players in avoiding rogue, dangerous, or low quality sites and gaining access to only high quality, secure, and legal gambling sites. At the bottom of this page you'll find the online gambling sites that made the cut during our review process.

Where Can I Learn More About Florida Online Gambling?

The menu at the top right of this page displays the additional Florida online gambling topics covered in our guide. If you want to learn more about the legality of FL online gambling, then you can visit our Florida online gambling laws page for more information. You'll find information about the laws of the state, as well as a resource to access the actual laws and statutes yourself.

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